This story is about a girl (Ammarah) who gets kidnapped by harry, niall, louis, liam, and zayn. She falls in love with one of them but is another one of them falling for her. She will be stuck in a love triangle. Ammarah has many many secrets the boys dont know about and if they found out about them they will be in loads of chaos.What will happen when she finds out that she is related to one of them? What will ammarah do about the love triangle, and her secrets? READ TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. everything in this story is fake except the names!!!


5. Bad News!

Liam's POV

This couldn't be good i thought but i had a feeling it was way worse. "Um... guys, you all okay?" I asked. Louis sat down and started, "Well um you see Ammarah's dad remarried and that guy that took her purse was working for Ammarah's stepmum. Apparently she wants to have that guy kill her but he asked her if he could have a little fun before he killed her. And he is out there looking for Ammarah. Then Ammarah's stepmum is gonna make that guy kill our dad so she can inherit all the money.And we have to keep Ammarah away from them. She can't go home or she will get murdered.!" Louis ended. "But what about your and her dad?" I asked. "Well i don't know what to do about him. Ammarah's stepmum could kill him too if she doesn't come home.I don't know what to do!" Louis replied. "We should discuss this later but for now we can't let her find out or go home. We have to keep a close eye on her and act like nothing is happening okay?" I said. And they all noded. Then suddenly i felt my phone vibrating. It was a text from Ammarah and it said     "Hey liam cud u help me down stairs so i can eat cuz im really hungry plz plz pz ! luv ya!" I smiled to my self as i read the text. All the boys were looking at me confused so i said "Ammarah asked me if i could help her down stairs and give her something to eat in this text." They noded and niall said "now that i think about it im hungry too!" I just shook my head slightly and went upstairs to get Ammarah. When i went upstairs, into ammarah's i saw that she was waiting there for me. i said "Hey, sleep well?" "i guess. so um could you help me down stairs, cause im really hungry." she said. i nodded and helped her downstairs. When we got down there all four of the boys had idiotic smiles on their faces. "MOVIE NIGHT!" they yelled. so we all sat down and it was Harry, Louis, Me, Niall, Zayn all on one sofa and ammarah sat on my lap. Harry, niall, zayn, me, and louis picked the woman in black and ammarah wanted to watch something else but since we all decided to watch the woman in black ammarah said that she didn't want to watch it so louis forced her to since he knew that she was terrified of horror movies, roller coasters and heights. And she had no choice since she couldnt walk anywhere so she watched it with us. when ever the scary parts came ammarah screamed each time and louis and zayn would just start laughing. After a little while the boys fell asleep and it started thundering. Ammarah had ger face in my shirt and was shaking like crazy. "Are you ok?" I asked her. She didn't respond so then i asked her "Do you want to go to bed?" she nodded. So i turned the movie off and carried her upstairs. When i got there, i put her on the bed and started to leave but then she helled my wrists so i wouldnt go and said "Liam wait. uh could you stay with me. because im scared of thunder and the movie will get me nightmares." I nodded. Then i turned the lights off and layed down with her. I had my arms around her as if i was protecting her. Im just scared if louis sees us like this he'll burry me alive. i pushed that thought out of my mind and started dozing off. Next thing you know i heard someone yell "LIAM GET THE FUCK OFF MY SISTER!"

Louis POV

I just woke up and see that everyone is on the sofa except for ammarah and liam. I have a bad feeling about this. So i go up to ammarah's room and you know what i see...... I see my best mate sleeping with my fucking sister. I told all the boys specifically that my sister was off limits and liam doesnt even listen. I just couldn't hold it in any longer and i burst "LIAM GET THE FUCK OFF MY SISTER!" I yelled and liams eyes shot open and so did Ammarah's. Liam leaped off the bed and i run up to him and i pushed him up against the wall and said "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?" " I..... I ...." was all that came out of him. "LET HIM GO LOUIS! HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING!" Ammarah yelled at me from the bed. "WELL THEN WHY WAS HE SLEEPING WITH YOU?" I yelled back. Then suddenly the rest of the boys came upstairs.

Niall's POV

I woke up to the sound of screaming and yelling upstairs. The boys woke up too. We ll ran upstairs and saw that louis had pinned liam against the wall,yelling, and ammarah crying. I ran over to her and i hugged her. I sat there with her while Zayn and Harry were trying to pull louis back. I don't know what liam did but i was mad because i loved ammarah and that is more than a sister.

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