How to make cupcakes

a simple guide on how to make the perfect cupcakes!


2. 8 simple steps


Step one

Pre heat your oven to 175˚C/ gas mark 5


Step two

Place butter and sugar in a bowl, and mix until it forms a creamy paste


Step three

Crack an egg into the bowl, then sieve some of the flour on top, before mixing it in (this helps the mixture bind.)


Step four

Once the first egg has been mixed in, add the other egg, and the rest of the flour (sieved). When mixed, this will form cake batter.


Step five

simply place the cupcake cases in a pudding tin and add a even amount of mixture to each one (so they're about ¾ full)


Step six

Place them in the oven, the shelf should be in the middle. Cupcakes usually take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to cook, though if they take longer don’t worry! It all depends on the amount of mixture.


Step seven

Wait for the cakes to cook, some things I enjoy doing in this time are procrastinating, reading movellas, dancing around the kitchen, and eating the raw cake mix off the spoon (I hold no responsibility if you get salmonella :) ) after around 10 minutes check the cakes by placing your finger on them, if they are firm and golden brown they’re done if not wait a few minutes and try again. As tempting as it is, don’t check the cakes to early, it may cause them to collapse. Another thing to remember is not to leave the oven door open to long when checking the cakes, as it lets the heat out. When your cakes are done simply take them out of the oven (Using oven gloves), remove them from the tin and place them on a cooling rack if you have one.


Step eight

Omnomnomnom (but you might want to let them cool down first...)

Your cakes may not go well the first time but everyone has mistakes when baking don’t let it deter you because I can guarantee they’ll be better next time.


Being a show off

I know I said this was going to be a simple guide, but in case you’re a show of I added a few things you could do to make the cupcakes jazzier. Obviously there are many more so use your imagination.

1. Add 3 tea spoons of coco powder with the last lot of flower, to make chocolate cup cakes.

2. Mix coco powder, butter and icing sugar together to make chocolate butter cream. (wait until the cakes are cool before you put it on)

3. Mix in a small amount of baking powder with the flower to help your cakes rise.

4. Add vanilla essence to the mix to make vanilla cup cakes.

5. Buy some tubes of icing and make your cup cakes super snazzy (Wait till they’re cool of course or else you’ll just have a runny mess!)

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