The Huntress

This story is set in a different world called Azure - a world of the most unique creatures from mermaids to unicorns to dragons to another species you must have never heard of - The Hunters. They are an immortal species of ruthless females, extremely proud and emotionless, considering themselves to be above all other species claiming that they do not have any weaknesses. Aria is a great Huntress, having trained for ages. She too considers herself superior and different, not having feelings or any other lame emotion Humans posses, but when Aaron, a young guy from the Human world, stumbles into her world, a lot of things start changing for Aria.


6. The Dragons

The next morning, Aaron woke up to find a lot of things happening at once. There was havoc everywhere, sounds of screams, wails, shrieks, moans, cries...shouts for help, screams of agony...and then he saw what was causing it. The entire wood was on fire. He sat bold upright. The Hunters were running around, screaming for everybody to be calm but obviously in a worse state of panic themselves, and when he looked above his head, he saw them. Dragons. A whole dozen of them - enormous and deadly, breathing fire. They had unleashed hell in the peaceful wood of Azure.

The trees around him were going up in smoke, flames licking and leaping, hissing dangerously, but the wood was not going to surrender so easily. Scores of mermaids poked their heads out of their sanctuaries, the lakes and pools, and shot jets of water at the burning trees incessantly. Starbirds and pixies were wailing, watching their nests in the dense trees crumble and turn to rubble. Unicorns and reindeer ran everywhere, some inadvertently walking into the fiery hellhole and screeching as they burned to death. It was a heart-wrenching scene and it took Aaron a while to react, but when he did, he was quick.

He groped around for his bow and quiver which had thankfully survived, even though the rest of the Hunters' camping place was on fire. He guessed it was some kind of an enchantment that kept them safe. Whatever it was, he wished some of it would rub off on him because he needed to be safe. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest. He had never seen something so hellish ever in his life before. He grabbed his longbow and quiver full of silver arrows and dashed out of the camp, dodging the flames and taking care not to burn himself too badly. He wanted to do something, but what could he? He only had his bow which meant he could attack the dragons or something but that was a stupid idea. They were too big and too many, and besides, they were soaring in the air. Nope, nothing that could be done there. So instead, he looked for Aria. She would definitely have a plan. 

"Aria!" he screamed desperately, without getting a reply. "Aria, where are you?"

He dashed past Moira and a few other Hunters but none of them paid him any attention. "Aria!" he called again and finally, he saw her. She was putting a few dozens of sea horses to work to put out the fires that were roaring and raging around them. When she saw him, there was obvious relief on her face. But it didn't last. She hurried over to him and told him off for being so late, but then immediately put him to work as well.

"We cannot do anything to put out the fire," she said, watching her sea horses work enthusiastically. "The other creatures of Azure will do that. We, on the other side, have to deal with the dragons."

"Hey - what do you mean deal with the dragons?"

Her face turned grim. "I mean, we have to stop them. They are going to keep at this destruction until they see that the whole wood is ruined. and we cannot let that happen." She faced him, eyes stony but obviously horrified. "We have to kill them."

Aaron wanted to laugh out loud. "They're flipping dragons, Aria! Kill them? How on earth - I mean, Azure - are we going to do that?"

But whatever the answer to that was, he didn't find out. A black dragon with a spiky tail soared right above them, shooting a jet of flames straight at the spot where they stood. It was only thanks to Aria's impeccable precision and uncannily lithe and agile body that she managed to maneuver him out of harm's way. There was a crash right then with which a tree collapsed right there, missing them by a nanometer but it made them jump anyway. Aaron tumbled down to a distance somewhere, hit his head and felt the throbbing pain, but it was nothing compared to the shock he felt next when he saw what Aria was up to.

She had managed to summon a pegasus out of nowhere and was already mounting it. By the time Aaron realised what was happening, she was already up in the air, soaring in the heights straight towards to the huge angry dragons streaking the skyline and breathing fire everywhere.

"ARIA!" he heard himself yell and the next thing he knew, he was running like a madman, desperate to do something to get her out of the air. He found a pegasus too which seemed only to happy to escape the fiery wood, not bothering that it had a Human riding it, and they soared after Aria and the deadly dragons. If the dragons had been scary from a hundred feet below, they were extremely horrifying from up close. Each of them had different-coloured scales and reptilian wings and tails, but only the black one with the spiky tails seemed to be after Aaron. His pegasus tried to fly the other way, but Aaron pulled it in Aria's direction with all his might, his lack of riding skills showing clearly because the next minute, the dragon had thrashed its tail at him, knocking him off the pegasus which flew off to some other place gratefully, and he was tumbling down at top speed, accelerating towards the ground and towards his doom.

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