Me, myself and Comet.

have you ever imagined what it would be like competing in the olympics? that is Kendra's dream. however she wouldn't like to run, jump,cycle or swim. she would like to ride. her and her horse, Comet, would be nicknamed the 'Dream Team' and would have the best bond and win every competition. or so that would happen in her dreams. an ordinary schoolgirl with extraordinry dreams, Kendra Johnstone would give anything to have a horse. her love of riding is darkened by her family's financial position but she is determined to not let that hold her back. with her dreams and enthusism, anything is possible for Kendra but will reality catch her up and turn those dreams to dust?


1. The dream

     "Now come on Comet, this is the one. I need you to work your hardest now. All that training; it comes down to this. You hear?"


   Comet, my beautiful, white-as-snow mare lowers her majestic head and touches my hand with her muzzle. she remains very calm and her only sign of nervousness is her slight champing on the snffle bit.

    We stand for five minutes whilst people rush around us shouting orders to nobody in particular. An Official comes over to tell us that we are on next.

    I straighten my shirt and suit, tighten my cravat and lead Comet to the mounting block. She stands stock still as i swing into the saddle so i can find my balance. I fumble with the reins and bend down to check the girth and make sure the martingale is in place.


      All set, i pat Comet's neck and take a deep breath as we trot to the starting position. when the official gives us the 'go-ahead', we break into an easy canter.

 i hear the commentator saying: "Now remember ladies and gentlemen, the clock starts when the first jump is cleared."


     I change rein and lead Comet straight towards the first jump. i brace myself for the leap and . . .


Cleared! The race is really on now!

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