Me, myself and Comet.

have you ever imagined what it would be like competing in the olympics? that is Kendra's dream. however she wouldn't like to run, jump,cycle or swim. she would like to ride. her and her horse, Comet, would be nicknamed the 'Dream Team' and would have the best bond and win every competition. or so that would happen in her dreams. an ordinary schoolgirl with extraordinry dreams, Kendra Johnstone would give anything to have a horse. her love of riding is darkened by her family's financial position but she is determined to not let that hold her back. with her dreams and enthusism, anything is possible for Kendra but will reality catch her up and turn those dreams to dust?


2. Back to reality

  "So, Kendra could you give us the answer please?"

Miss Wallis' voice echoes through my dream and snaps me back to reality just as a crocodile snaps its unsuspecting prey into its tight jaws.

I panic. I look around me and everybody's eyes are on me. I end up saying:

"The answer is ... is..."   Then I have a fake but violent coughing and sneezing fit.

Ariana passes me what appears to be a tissue but on closer inspection is  a piece of paper. Written on the paper is (in rather neat writing) : AFRICA, THE ANSWER IS AFRICA!!!!


"Er... the answer is Africa," I say.

Miss Wallis bemusedly continues her lesson as I quietly thank Ariana.


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