Mhairi is Louis tomlinsons little cousin. She goes to stay with him
And the band and falls in love, but will it last or will her past catch up with her?


1. The phone call!

Mhairis P.O.V
I was lounging around in my bed when I got a phone call from my mums mobile. "hello"? I spoke into the phone. After two miniuts, I put the phone down and started wailing. I got another call. The ID said Louis. I picked up. "mhairi, I'm so so sorry. My mums crying. I can't get over it. Look, your coming to live with us."
" louis I couldnt!" I said in between tears. "of course you can! He said.

That was last week. The week my mum died in a car accident. Tomorrow I am going to live with my older cousin, Louis tomlinson. Yes, he's part of 1D. But he's still a normal person. I go to sleep. It's going to be a big day tomorow
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