Forever And Always

I will also leave this poem open to interpretation but I believe the meaning behind it is pretty obvious.


1. Forever and Always



I remember those days before,

If only we could have had more

But as I lay on my bed,

I remember what you said.


You said you would be here,

You said to have no fear

You said to stay strong,

Until I find where I belong.


You said to find my own way,

To enjoy life come what may

You said 'When I die,

Just look to the sky.


And I'll smile down at you,

There's no need to feel blue'

And now I see,

You're still here with me.


And when all is said and done,

You're still number one

My heart won't let you go,

So I want you to know


Although my memories may fade,

It doesn't matter because

In my heart you will stay,

Forever and always...

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