I was just sat in Math class and I was rather bored and in a pretty bad mood because I could not thinking of those that I have lost in recent years and so I wrote this about Death.


1. Death



One of the things we cannot understand,

By this, of course, I mean death

How one day things seem to go so well,

But then Death rains on your parade.


He only seeks to destroy,

To take away those we love

To take an innocent life,

To remind us that no one can escape him.


He appears at any time,

But normally when everything is going well

It can be as simple as the death of a baby bird,

Just to remind us we cannot escape his grasp.


Death can be creative,

He can cut our wrists

Or make us suffer in a car crash,

Either way Death is relentless in  his methods.


But Death is not something to be afraid of,

We should embrace it with open arms

Because when we are dead,

We are safe form the harm existing in the mortal world.

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