Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


26. Unexpected Danger


    This was the first time I had woken up to my new hubbie (husband). I slowly opened his eyes and saw me looking at him. "Hello wife," he smirked, "hello Niall jounier," he laughed looking down at my belly. "So, what should we name him?" I asked. "Ummh...I think Sam," smiled Niall. "Yeah?" I asked. He nodded and I agreed. That was settled, Sam it was. I looked out the window and saw that it was raining. "It is going to be raining all day today," Niall moaned. "Well, that's okay. We came do something fun inside," I enthused. He smiled and came up behinde me. He wrapped his arms around my belly and kissed me on the neck. "I love you...both," he smiled. He was going to be an amazing father I knew it. We went down stairs into the kitchen. "Do we have any nutella?" I smiled. I really felt like it. Ash and Liam were sitting at the stools and just laughed. Niall rushed to get it because he knew how bad I wanted it.



   "You free to go," a police officer mummbled. I looked at him dirty and walked out the prison entrance with a smirk on my face. My plan was to find Isabell and finish her for good. I didn't care if I went to jail, all long as I get here off the face of the earth. I went to a motel to book out for the night while a search the phone books for her name. If it wasn't there, the internet would be next. While I was looking in the book news came up on the small telly in the corner. I wasn't listening properly because I was trying to concertrate but then I heard the name Isabell!my head shot up towards the telly. "Isabell," I whispered. That was her. There was a picture of her and a tall blonde boy and she had a big belly. She was pregnant. "Not another stupid child to this world," I mumbled to myself. I had to kill her before the baby was out so I could do it all in one. I searched and searched for hours and then I finally found were she was staying at the moment. Seemed as though she has just had a wedding as there were pictures everywhere. The stupid slut got married. I walked outside and found an oldman getting out his car. I ran towards him "Sir, please help me," I shouted over to him. He looked up shocked, "What can I do for you?" he asked in an old croaky voice. By the time I got next to him I looked around. Smashed his head against the car and let him fall. I pushed him out the way, got in the car and took off.



     Something doesn't feel right. I felt as if something bad was going to happen. "You ok babe?" I asked to Isabell who was sitting next to me on the couch watching a movie. She looked at me with concern drifting through her beautiful eyes. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" she asked. I shrugged me shoulders and smiled, "Just making sure." I went back to the telly. About an hour later the movie was finished. We were going to go for a walk when we saw a screach at the driveway. "WHOA! What was that?" I questioned. I know that nobody would of know but the words just came out. Then I heard a big *BANG*! "What the hell's going on?" Zayn asked running down the stairs. Liam and Ash were already with us at the entrance hall. A second after Zayn came, Louis and Harry came running down. The door knob to the front door slowly turned. My fingers pressed against my lips for everyone to be silent. I ran quietly to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and quickly ran back. The door opened and there stood a mean looking man with a big knife. Zayn and Louis went to run to the kitchen to grab a knife. "DON'T MOVE!" He shouted but the grabbed a knife and ran back before he could stop them. "DAVE!" Isabell shrieked. "Dave? So your the asshole?" I questioned him pointing the knife at him. "No she is," he laughed. I pushed Isabell behind me. "You stay away or we will cut you," Louis threatened. Dave just chuckled. "I'm stronger than all dick heads. You don't stand a chance against me. I could see Ash backing away into the hall and she ran to the bathroom. Dave didn't notice which was great. I hope she was going to call the police. Dave stepped forward and Louis, Zayn and I pointed the knife closer. "NO! I HAVE TO GET RID OF THAT SLUT!" Dave yelled and ran for Isabell. He pushed Isabell to the floor and on the way down she bashed her belly against a big heavy table. "OWW!!" Isabell screamed. I managed to stop Dave from anything more by stabbing him in the leg, then he fell to the floor dramatically. Liam and Harry grabbed his arms and locked him in place while Zayn took the knife off him. I was so angry at him for hurting Isabell. I kicked him in the face and punched him so many times. On my last hit police came running in from all directions. They grabbed Dave and took him out to the van. I fell to the floor next to Isabell. I think she was unconcious. "HELP!" I screamed. An abulance bed came wheeling through the door. They picked her up and put her in the ambulance. I got in next to her and grabbed her hand. Just before the doors closed I heard Louis shout, "WE WILL MEET YOU AT THE HOSPITAL NIALL." I was glad they were coming, I didn't want to go through this alone. As we pulled to the hospital doctors came running to open the ambulance door. "AMIDIATE SEZARIAN!" A doctor shouted as they quickly wheeled her through the doors. I ran behind until they went to a area that I wasn't allowed in. Tears were falling fast from my face and I could feel pain shooting through my heart. Was she going to be okay? Was our little Sam going to be okay? Were they both going to make it? Were they going to tell me what happened? Questioned shot back and forth in my head and it made me feel sick to the bone. The boys and Ashley came running in and attended to my side. "Niall what happened?" Liam asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Well, Niall we have some good news," Harry smiled faintly, "Well, Dave. He is going to be prosecuted." "Good riddens. That bastard didn't deserve a life on earth or anywhere for that matter," I growled. We sat on the  uncormfortable waiting chairs for more than 2 hours, but I didn't care that they were uncormfortable. All I cared about now was Isabell and Sam. I was praying they would be okay. My head fell and I dozed off to sleep. Bad dreams were everywhere. I had one dream were Isabell and a little baby, I assuming Sam, were lying lifeless on the floor. "AAHHH!" I started to scream. "NIALL! NIALL! WAKE UP" A voice shouted. My head shot up back to the waiting room. Louis was stood there shaking me. Oh, good. It was only a dream. I sighed in relief, but I still wasn't happy. I this could still be true. I have no clue what has happened to them both. I sat there waiting for what seemed like forever.   

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