Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


24. Scary Movie


   I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. I sat myself next to Louis. "What we doing?" I asked him. "I dunno, you wanna have a movie marathone?" he asked me. "Sure, sounds awesome," I replied. "MOVIE MARATHONE!" Louis shouted. "OH! TOY STORY!" Liam came running in followed by Ash. "I will make the popcorn!" Niall shouted running into the kitchen. Harry came and sat on the couch quietly. "What movie do you think Harry?" I asked. He looked up at me. "Scary movie," he said. "NO! TOY STORY!" shouted Liam playfully. "We have to vote," Said Zayn walking in. "Ok. Who votes Toy Story?" asked Louis. Liam, Ash and Louis put their hands up. "Who votes The Ring?" Harry asked. Niall came running in with the pop corn and put his hand up. Harry, Zayn and I also put our hands up. "HA! 3 against 4," Harry teased. "The Ring it is then," Zayn said putting in the movie. Niall came and sat next to me. I loved this movie, but I had to admit, it scared me a lot. I huddled up to Niall and grabbed some popcorn from him. A scary bit was coming so I grabbed his hand and held it tight. My eyes were still glued to the telly. "AAHH!" I scream. Everyone jumped from the seats. I think my scream scared them. Most of the boys tried to act tough but Niall was shaking I could feel it. I looked at him and said, "You scared?" "NO!" he lied. I kissed him on the cheek and carried on with the movie. I slowly dozed off and I felt Niall move and put my head on the sofa. I was still half awake and all the power went out. I sat up slowly and looked around the darkness but no one was here. "Isabell..." a freaky voice wispered. I moved back in my seat. "Isabell...." the voice repeated. I moved across the sofa to turn on the lamp, but it wouldn't. I ignored the voice and quick stepped to my room to get my phone. I shone the light of my phone down the hallway. Niall wasn't in our room. I walked back to the lounge. "Isabell..." said the scarey voice again from behind me. I turned around. "AAHHHHHHH!" I screamed and jumped back. It was only the boys messing around. How dare do that to me. "You're so mean," I moaned. They all just laughed at me. "It's not funny," I lied hiding my laugh. "Awwww babe. You should of seen your face," Niall said and brought me into a hug. Zayn put the power back on and we all sat back on the sofa. "OY!! OPEN UP!" shouted a voice from the other side of the hotel door. "HA HA very funny liam," I moaned. "I'm right here," Liam said. I turned and there was Liam. "OPEN THE DOOR!" said the scarey voice. "NO! I'm calling the police," shouted Zayn. "You do that and I will kill one of you," said the voice. "Ok, ok I'm not," Zayn said. I prayed that this man would go away. "Call the police," Louis whispered to Zayn. He nodded and walked to another room. *BOOM* The door got burst down and there was a buff man standing there with an axe in his hands. He had tatoos all over his body and he was musclier than all the boys put together. "HARRY! WHICH ONE IS HARRY!" he yelled. None of us answered. "HARRY! which ever one you are. You hurt my girlfriend. Danny? Does that name come to mind?" he said with a really deap voice. "What? She came onto me, so I accepted and then the other day I called her over to get to know eachother but she wanted more than that," Harry admitted. "That's not what she told me, and I'm gonna go with my girlfriends side of things. His axe lifted up and he stomped towards Harry. "RUN!" Niall shouted to everyone. We all ran around the lounge and Niall, Ash, Liam and I managed to get out and we rushed to find a worker in the hotel. "There is someone," Ash pointed out. "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!" Niall ran towards the person. He told the hotel worked about what happened and they called up security.



    The buff guy was chasing after me and I ran into the kitchen were Zayn was stood on the phone to the police. "Zayn, be careful," I whisped to him. He nodded and backed away still trying to listen to the person on the phone. "STOP!" Danny said running in, "I didn't know he was famous. He could make us a lot of money Zack." "Stop Danny. I'm Killing him anyway for what he did," the buff guy said. His name was Zack, what a girlie name for a big guy like him. I ran around him and he swung the axe round. Instead of hitting me, he hit Danny who was stood behind him. "Shit! Danny!" he yelled, "I'm gonna KILL you for this." I grabbed Zayns arm and ran out the hotel. I we ran out I saw a glimps of Dannys motionless body on a floor and thought 'What a skank.' I felt bad for thinking that, but I hated her, look what she caused. I nearly got killed. We ran down the hall and saw a force of police with sheilds and big guns. "Hault," one officer said poing the gun at us. "He's in there. Please can we get past?" I asked them. I was scared that Zack would run out and kill us. Lucky I said that to the police because out came running Zack with the axe in his hand. "GO GO GO!" shouted the police. They let us pass and with force they finally got Zack locked in handcuffs. "We have been tracking him down for a long time. We thank you for calling us and we are sorry it had to happen to you," an officer said. I turned to everyone, "I am so sorry." "It's okay. You didn'k know that she had a boyfriend or she was a stupid liar," Said Liam. "okay, so we will get all our things and leave here and go to New York. It's far away from here so that's good," Niall said. We quickly ran into the hotel room, grabbed all our luggage and jumped into the tour bus. We left for New York. 



   Okay, now seriously. That was the most weirdest thing that has happened to me. I went and sat next to Isabell on the sofa. I looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "I love you babe." and I bent towards her and kissed her on the lips. Harry walked out of his room he was sleeping in and joined us on the couch, followed by the other boys and Ashley. Ashley sat next to Isabell on the other side."That was so weird," Ashley whispered to Isabell. "I know," Isabell agreed. "Guys....and you girls. You don't know how sorry I am for what happened. If I wasn't such a flirt I never would of met her and he never would of intruded on us like that," Harry swollowed his spit down like a big golf ball in his throat, you could tell. "It's okay," Isabell smiled. After about an hour of talking we all said our goodnights and went off to bed.

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