Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


1. Run Away From Home


   "ISABELL, COME HERE NOW!' shouted my Dad from his room. I was freaking out at this point. This happened nearly every week since my Mum died two months ago. "GET ON THE BED!" he treatened, with a silver blade in his hand. How could I refuse, HE HAD A BLADE IN HIS HAND! I was so terrified. I knew what would happen next. I wanted to leave this place, leave my rapist father, leave my terrible life, leave everything behind and start fresh. I got onto the bed and started to unbutton my shirt in tears. Then, suddendenly the doorbell rang. I didn't care who it was, I just knew that this was a perfect time for me to tryout my plan I had been setting for weeks now. "stay here!" he wispered pointing the knife at me. My Dad, well...I'm not going to call him my Dad. He meant nothing to me. I will just call him Dave, since that was his name. Dave went to open the door, putting the knife in his pocket, silver side up. I buttoned my shirt up quickly and tiptoed out the room and to mine. I had already packed a small bag to prepare for this and I had some cash in there to from when my mother gave me pocket money. I quickly slipped my vans on and grabbed the bag. I heard the front door close again and realised that my dad would see I was gone. I only practiced this a couple of times so I wasn't really fast at it, but I climbed out my window and onto the vine that hung next to my room. "ISABELL! GET HERE NOW! I'M GONNA' HURT YOU SO BAD FOR TAKING OFF!" Dave shouted, I nearly yelped, but held it in. I heard him come into my room so I stopped dead silent on the vine, trying not to make him hear my. I heard him going through my wardrobe and looking in my bathroom. Then it went silent, but I didn't dare move until I heard him somewhere else. "FOUND YOU!" he scared the living day lights out of me. I fell and really badly hurt my ankle. I heard him run out my room and went for the stairs to come down. I panicked and tried to get up but it hurt. I demanded myself to get up, so I got up, in great agony and ran, or should I say hopped for the gate. I heard him coming out the back door now. I forced myself to run on my sore ankle, I needed to get away from him. I ran and ran and saw a ginnle (it's also called an alley way), so ran down there. At this point, he was about 20 metres away, but he was round the corner so he couldn't see me. I ran into someones garden and just hid in a small bush at the corner. It was surrounded by tree thick tree trucks, so hopefully he wouldn't be able to see me. He ran past, but then stopped dead in his track. DID HE KNOW WHERE I WAS? WAS HE MESSING WITH ME? All these thoughts past my mind. I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from breathing too heavy. Then, in my relief, he started to run again down the road and down a street. My heart was pounding so fast, I could barely breath. I sat there for a couple more minutes just to get my break back and to think where I was going to go. Then, as I remembered THE SECRET PARK! I nearly shouted it out so loud. I remember when I was younger my mother use to take me to a secret park. It was an area behind the waterfall that stood at Victoria Park. It was a beautiful place, the area had a big hole in the boulder above, which let the sunlight shine through every day. It had a beautiful bench that ingraved 'the founders of the secret park'. There was grass on the ground with pretty flowers all around and there was also a pond at which the waterfall had made. I was running to get there.



   I always hated getting into arguments with the boys, they never ended well and they would last for a few hours after. I couldn't even remember what the arguement was about. I think it was about our break. We were off for a while from our singing career, but we couldn't decide if we should spend it at home with our loving families of together. "GUYS!" I shouted to get their attention. "This is pathetic. You do realise what you are all fighting about," I tried to reason with them. "I guess so," Liam sighed. I was shocked, no...AMAZED at how well they were taking this, but still, I just needed a quick break from it all. A few minutes later, I knew were I could go to get my mind of this.



   I brought a book out of my bag. It was my mums year book from when she was in year 12. She gave it to me three months before she passed. She said to me that if I ever needed to be guided by a younger version of herself, then I could use this book. A single tear escaped and I opened the cover that read 'Class Of '95'. Then, I heard a noise out side of the waterfall. OH NO! Had Dave found me! Was he going to kill me. I slowly started to step back, until I saw a handsome blonde walk in. He stopped at started at me as to think 'How did you know about this place'. I was staring back. He started to slowly walk towards me and I slowing walked back in fear. I held onto my mums book tight.


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