Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


20. Liam! You Need To Notice Your Girl


   I was already dressed and ready to go but Isabell was still asleep. I don't know if I should wake her or leave her, but what if she wanted to come with me? It's my first concert with her in America. I will wake her up. "Babe, wake up. It's the concert today and we have to get there early, but you don't have to come if you don't want to," I said tapping her shoulder. She sat up and sorted her hair. "Yeah, I would love to come. How long I got to get ready?" She said. "Ummmh, about half an hour," I said looking at my new silver watched that circled round my wrist. "Ok, let me just get my clothes out my suit case and I will get ready," Isabell said. I don't think she was talking to me. I think she was just giving herself directions so she didn't have to rush at the last minute. Someone knocked onto the room that Isabell and I were staying in. "Come in," I said to the stranger on the other side. Liam popped his head round and slowly came in holding Ashleys hand. "Isabell?" Ashley asked. Isabell stopped in her track and turned to Ashleys direction. "Good morning Ashley," Isabell said. "Good morning. Umh...well, I was just wondering if you wanted to go shopped with me today while the boys were at the concert?" Ashley asked. Isabell looked at me and said, "I'm so sorry, I told Niall I would go to the concert." "NO! You can go! It will be fun for you," I said. I didn't want her to miss out because of me. "Really?" Isabell smiled. I nodded and she ran up to me and hugged me. "YEY!" she said and went and gave Ashley a hug. "This will be so fun!" Ashley said.



    It was about 20 minutes ago that the boys left. We were both still in a towel from the shower discussing what to wear. "One thing I hate about being recognised in public is the clothes. You always have to wear nice clothes to look good for the press and paparazzi," Laughed Ashley. "Oh my gosh, your so right. What am I going to wear?" I asked Ashley. I had nothing that would actually 'WOW' the press. "This, this and this...OH! with the necklace, earings and bracelet you got for your birthday, and the shoes I got you," Ashley said picking out the clothes. She picked out some nice black skinny jeans with a baby pink top that showed some clevage. I always felt quite uncomfortable wearing this but Ashley picked it out so I thought I might wear it anyway. She also gave me a white cardigan that looked really nice with the out fit. The silver heals were so beautiful. We got dressed and when I saw what so was wearing I was gobsmacked. "You look amazing," I said. "Thanks," She said. She was wearing some white skinny jeans with a purple top that was frilly. She had a white jacket on to, and her heals...OH MY GOSH! they were beautiful. They were purple strapted heals with silver dimonds on them. I was a bit coudy today so that's why were wore jeans. The taxi was here so we made our way outside. We got into the taxi and went to the shop. We made our way to the first shop we saw in the huge shopping centre. I saw a few celebrities here shopping just like we were. We looked around and I saw a beautiful dress that I loved and wanted. "That would look so amazing on you!" Ashley bosted. "Really?" I said in shock. I felt my cheeks go rosey red. The dress was black at the top that was fitted, the there was a big silver bow were the belly would go with a dimonty in the middle and then it flowed out with white silk touch material. I checked the price and moaned to myself. "Next shop," I enthused walking out. "No, wait Isabell. Why aren't you getting it?" asked Ashley. I couldn't lie to her. "It's 500 American dollars," I said, "but it's okay. I don't mind" "No. You are getting it. I will pay," Ashley insisted. "No really, I couldn't possibly let you do that Ashley," I thanked. "Why am I offering then," she teased. She grabbed the dress to size and walked to the till. As we walked out the shop she passed my the bag with the dress in, "From me, to you." I smiled and gave her a huge hug. We walked around more shops and I started to think about her and Liam. "So, what's the dealio with you and Liam," I smirked at her and nudged her playfully on the shoulder.  She smiled her beautiful brown eyes glimmered. "Well he asked me to move in with me, so I guess he is taking us very seriously," she said. "Go on..." I said. "He is very loving, but he won't do anything more with me than kissing and all that," her smile turned into a saddening frown. "hey," I moved her into a hug, "Don't you worry. Just give it time. I promiss you he will come wanting more." She giggled. "You just got to sudeuce him," I laughed, "That just gave me an awesome plan! You should have diner with Liam at a fancy resturant and were a really sudeucive dress, then he might want you." She stood there and thought for a while. "That actually might work," she smiled, "I will only do it if you and Niall have dinner with us too." I didn't want to get in the way of Ashley and Liam. She doesn't know how Liam use to feel about me, but that's in the past now. I must support my friend in need. "Sure," I said. "Isabell? Would you considder us being best friends?"Ashley asked me. Well, she was very kind to me, and I can tell her anything. I guess that's a best friend. "Deffently," I smiled and she hugged me. "Now then, we have to find you a dress," I smiled. We looked for a good one hour, with a lunch break inbetween until finally...we past a shop with the most amazing dress. It was flowy and peach coloured. It had amazing pearl beads laces in all directions around the boob area. She tried it on and oh my gosh did she look amazing. "Absolutely beautiful!" I gazed in apsolute awe! "Thank you," she said while twirling the dress in the mirror. Unlike me, she took a compliment really well. She bought the dress and went back to the hotel pent house. We put our bags down near the door entre and slumped down on the sofas taking off our heals. Just as we did Liam and Harry walked in from their bedrooms. "How was the concert?" I asked them. "Awesome. Oh yeah, and Harry hooked up with a girl," Liam laughed. "Yeah, and I'm gonna have some fun tonight," Harry laughed pushing Liam. "Hey, how was shopping girlies?" Liam asked and sat on the sofa across from us. "It was awesome. We got some new dresses and we are going to wear them tonight for dinner," Ashley said. "Dinner?" Liam asked. "yeah, Ashley and I decided that Niall and I are going to go to dinner with Ashley and you," I smiled. "Sounds great," Liam said and he jumped on the sofa next to Ashley and cuddled her. "I will leave you to it. I need to tell Niall. Where is he?" I asked Liam. "Where else," Liam laughed. I went to the kitchen and there was Niall at the kitchen table eating room service burgers. I walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek then took a bite out of his burger. "You didn't just do that," He growled. "Oh yes I did," I said and kissed him on the nose. He stool up slowly from the white modern chair. His face didn't look too happy. I ran and he ran after me. "You can't catch me," I teased. "Oh yes I can," He laughed. I looked behind and he was right on my tail. I ran into the living room and bumped into Zayn. "AHH!" we both yelled. We fell to the ground. Niall was stood there laughing. I went so red. I got up off Zayn and said, "Zayn! I'm so sorry." "It's okay. Atleast you didn't ruin my hair," he laughed rubbing his arm. "Zayn...I did ruin your hair," I giggled. "WHAT!" Zayn yelled and ran to the bathroom to sort it out. Niall grabbed me and helpped me up only to wrap his strong arms around my waist. "Ohh, what's in the bag?" Niall asked walking toward the bags we put down near the entrance. "NO!" I said running to the bags to grab them, "You can't look. They are our new dresses we got for dinner tonight. Before you ask, yes we are going to dinner and we are going with Ashley and Liam," I smiled. "Oh, that will be fun. I will go get ready," Niall said. "So will we," I said gesturing Ashley to come. Liam also followed Niall. We put the dresses on and they looked beautiful on us both I have to admit. We got our make up done, we didn't put too much on. I curled Ashleys hair for her, so she would stand out. I just straightened mine. I wanted Ashley to stand out and look better so that Liam would be more mesmirised by her. We were all ready and we saw eachother in the living room. "Look at you sexy girls!" Zayn shouted from the sofa. We both went as red as anything.



    Look at them both, they look amazing. "You look apsolutely beautiful," Niall said to Isabell. She blushed. "Ashley, you look marvelous," I smiled and kissed her. Zayn and Louis left. They were going to the movies. Harry and that stranger girl waved bye to us as we left. We got into the car and drove to a resturant. It was a very eligant resturant that was very big. We sat down and ordered our food. I couldn't help but stare at Isabell, even though I was with Ashley. I meen, Ashley looked so beautiful, but there was something about Isabell.



   I noticed Liam looking at Isabell. He was doing that a lot tonight. Why wasn't he taking any notice in Ashley. I meen Ashley looked beautiful, why didn't he notice that. "Isabell, can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked her. "Sure," She got up and we walked outside. "What is it?" She asked me. "Well, I keep getting the feeling that Liam likes you. He keeps looking at you and he hasn't even noticed how pretty Ashley looks," I said. "I know," She agreed, "I noticed that too. The only reason we are here tonight is to get Liam to notice Ashley," She confessed. I pulled her close and kissed her. "What you are doing is a very kind and thoughful thing," I wispered gently in her ear. She smiled and took my hand as we walked back inside. We saw that Liam and Ashley were in a deap conversation, too bad we had to interupt. We sat at our spots just intime because the food had arived. We ate and still talked. "I will be right back," Liam said. I nudged Isabells leg with my leg. I wanted her to talk to Liam. "Oh, so will I. Toilet break," Isabell laughed. They left the table and Ashley and I started talking.



   "You look beautiful tonight Isabell," Liam said as we were walking. As we got round the corner I stopped him. "Liam, stop feeling this way for me. You have a beautiful girlfriend out there who is dying for your attension and you won't give it to her. She loves you for who you really are and she tries to accept the fact that she has to share you with fans. There is no girl in the world that can be better for you then her," I lectured him. I didn't like giving or recieving lectures, but at this moment, I had to. His blue eyes dropped to the floor, followed by his head. "You're right. I'm being selfish. I love her I really do, but when I look at you it's different," he admitted. "No Liam. Forget about me. The feelings you have for me are nothing compared to the feelings you'll realise you have with Ashley. Trust me, you will really love her after tonight if you just take a notice to her," I said. I couldn't let him have feelings for me, I couldn't do that to my best friend. I looked into his brown eyes and realised I shouldn't. I didn't want him to gaze into my eyes and get pulled in.



    I saw Isabell and Liam walk back. "Here they come," I said smiling to Ashley. She turned and saw Liam looking at her. He looked happy. They sat down and Liam and Ashley were in their own little conversation. We finished our food and set of for home. I rain poured down when we got outside. The taxi was waiting for us. "You ready to run?" I asked them all. "I don't want to ruin my heals and besides, I might slip. Me and Liam looked at eachother. We swooped up our girls bridal style and ran to the car. When we got to the hotel the rain died down a bit, but was still falling. We stepped throught the puddles and up the steps to the hotel. We made it back. We were a bit wet, but that could be fixed with a towel and warm pyjamas. As we made our way thought the lobby to the elivator we jumped inside at took it to the 17th floor to go back to our pent house. 

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