Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


6. In Need Of New Clothes


   I woke up to see that Niall wasn't there. I got up, grabbed my crutches and my bag and went into the bathroom. Luckily I had packed a dress so I didn't have to hurt my ankle to get it on. I had a wash and got changed, brushed my teeth and let my hair out. I got out the bathroom and saw Niall waiting on the bed. He was already dressed. "Good morning girlfriend," he smiled. "Good morning boyfriend," I laught. "Seeing as you have no pyjyamas and not alot of clothes, I thought we should go shopping," He suggested. "Deffently, I think I have some spare money," I smiled. I was excited to go shopping with him. "No, darling. You're not using your money. You can use mine," he said. "It's okay," I assured him, "I have about 500 quid in my bag," I smiled. "Yeah, and I have alot in my bank. My career pays alot," he laught. I gave in, but I was gonna take my money anyway. We went down stairs to eat breakfast. All the boys were still asleep in a big room they shared upstairs. "So, why are the others staying here?" I asked Niall. "Oh, did I tell you? We are going to our Holiday House tomorrow," He replied. He sounded excited about it. "Awesome. I can't remember if you did tell me or not," I laughed. We finished our breakfast and set off for the shop. I was raining so I had to be carful not to slip, so Niall had his arm floating in the air around me, just incase I fell. We got in the car without any hurting themselves. We got to the shops and I bought some really cute Pyjyamas and a nighty. I only bought the nighty because of my cast. I didn't want to hurt myself with pants again. I bought lots of bags of clothes and I felt really bad. "Okay, I think that's enought. I've bought way too many," I said. "What about shoes?" He asked. SHOES!! I needed shoes. I had a plan, when I found the shoes I wanted I would destract Niall and buy them with my own money. We got into the shoes shop and I found 6 pairs of shoes I wanted. "Oh, Niall, could you please go grap them shoes over there on the top shelve?" I asked. "Sure, anything for you," He replied. As he turned I quickly hopped to the counter with the basket full of shoes. I quicky paid for them and got out the store waiting for me. He got the shoes, turned around and saw me outside the shop, so he put the shoes down and came and joined me.



   I saw what she did there. She tried to destract me so she could pay. We got outside the shop and it stopped raining. We went to walk to the car. I saw her put her purse in the bag with the shoes in, so I asked, "Can I see your shoes please?" "Yeah, here you go," She passed me the bag. I took out her purse and put 300 quid in it. "What are you doing?!" she asked. "You won't get away that easy," I smiled. "They weren't even that much!" She yelled, but playfully. "Does my face look like I'm bothered about the price," and I looked at her and pulled a funny face. She laughed, which made me laugh. "Awww, your laugh is so beautiful," I said to her. She smiled at the ground and blushed. We got home the boys helped us carry the bags to our room. "Don't bother unpacking them," I said to her. "Just put the bags in the suitcase," She nodded and started to put them in the suitcase I passed her, but she left out some pyjyamas and some clothes for tomorrow.

   We went outside the back garden with the boys and we just layed on the sunbeds. We were talking about anything and everything and I could see Isabell grow more confident around them. It was great to see her get her confidence back slowly. The boys then went in the pool and Isabell and I just looked at eachother. We both wanted to go in, but we couldn't. My mum came out with two glasses of water and two pills. One for me and one for Isabell. "I don't like taking medication, but hopefully I will take the pain in my ankle away," she stated. I smiled, "Lets do it together. 3.....2.....1" We gulpped it down and took a drink of water. "Much better than doing it by myself," She giggled. "Lets go to a resturant for dinner," Niall said. "Sounds great!" Isabell replied. I knew she just wanted a big kiss so I leant over and kisssed her thight on the lips. It lasted for 5 wonderful seconds. Then I got up and helped her up. "Do we need to change into something more formal?" She asked. "Yeah, that would be good," I replied.



   I was excited. "I've never been to a resturant before," I said to Niall while we were getting changed, but we weren't facing eachother. "I'm shoked at that. A beautiful young girl like you has never been to a resturant," He chuckled. I wore a navy blue dress and some blue sparkly heals, heal and he wore a cute black suit that looked so good on him. "You look so beautiful!" He admired. I blushed and kissed him on the cheek. We set off and pulled up at the resturant in his car. I looked Italian. "I love Italian!" I was amazed at the atmosphere. "Really? Me too!" Niall said. That was incredable that we loved the same type of food. We got seated at our table and got served. "Can I start you both off with a drink?" the waiter said. "Oh, yes please. I would like a red wine and Isabell would like," He paused. "Orange juice," I answered. "So jealous that you can drink," I said to him and laughed. The drinks came and we got served again, but this time to ask for the food we wanted. "What food will it be tonight?" The waiter asked. "I will have the carbanara please?" I asked. "Make that two," Niall smiled at me. Our food arrived and it was apsolutely delicious. We talked about everything you could possibly think off. It was so romantic. When the night ended we got back home. It was around 10:30 so we went straight up to our room. We had to leave tomorrow for the holiday house so we needed some sleep. We got changed and led down together. We kissed good night and went to sleep cuddling one another.

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