Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


9. How Did You Find Me


   We heard the rain fall as we got out of bed. "Oh, stuff this. I'm laying back down," I laughed. "Ok, I will cuddle with you to keep warm," Isabell said. We got under about 3 thick blankets trying to keep warm and we snuggled in tight to eachother. I had to admit, it was a freezing day. Even thought the bedroom door was shut, the windows were closed and the heater was on, it still managed to be cold in the bedroom. "Do you wanna go sit infront of the fire?" I asked her. Her teeth were chattering and her lips were blue. She nodded. I wrapped the blankets around her and carried her down. All the boys were in there too. "Make room for my babe," Niall said to Liam. I put her down and sat next to her, getting under the covers with her. "I want a hot chocolate!" Louis cried like a baby. "Me too!," I shouted, "Go make us all one!" "HEY! That's not fair! We should do a game and whoever loses has to make then," Louis protested. "Ok then, what game?" Liam asked. "PUSH UPS!" Harry sugested. We all laughed. "No seriously, I need to work out and this would be the perfect time to show off my abs!" He said. "He's right, I need to work out too," Zayn said laughing. "Ok then, push ups it is. Whoever falls first makes the drinks." Liam said. We nodded and got to the ground ready, except for Isabell. She obviously didn't have to do it. "1...2....3...GO!" Louis shouted but we all went before that anyway. At 30 push ups I could hear Zayn puffing and same with Louis. I wasn't breaking a sweat. Then, Louis fell "DAMB IT!" Louis shouted walking out the room to make the drinks. I sat back next to Isabell and kissed her. For the rest of the day we just chilled out in this room and cozied up to the fire.



   I got warmer and I started to feel nice and cozy next to Nialls chest. I had my hand rubbing on his abs, they were so sexy. Louis came in with a tray full of hot chocolates. He passed them around and sat back down with his. I started to sip mine, I tasted really good. Then all the boys took a sip and spat it back in the cup. Louis burst out laughing, "That's what you get for making me make them! Except for you Isabell, you can drink yours," he smiled. "What the hell did you put in it?" Liam spat. "SALT!" Louis burst out laughing again. Niall looked like he was going to spew. "Here, drink this. It should take the salt taste away," I said to Niall as I past him the cup, then I started to twirl my fingers in his hair. He took at drink, swirld it around in him mouth and swallowed it. "Thanks babe, much better," he said and gave me a kiss. "Any of you guys want some?" I asked the boys. They all came rushing for the cup. At this point Louis is on the floor laughing, which made me burst out laughing. All the boys run over to Louis and sit on him. "YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?" Harry played. I was still laughing. Niall walked over to the window and opened it. The other boys picked Louis up and through him out the window onto the cold snow. He was only wearing his boxers awell, which made me laugh even more. He stood up with snow all over him. I couldn't stop laughing, so Niall wrapped me in the blanket, picked my up and threw me out the window. "AHHH! IT'S SO COLD OUT HERE!" I screamed. "At least I wrapped you in a blanket," Niall laughed. I walked up to Louis and wrapped him in the blanket, he looked freezing. I bent down and grabbed some snow then threw it at Nialls face. We all laughed. He climbed out the window and grabbed snow and threw it back at me. He missed and him Louis instead. "OY!" Louis shouted. Niall laughed, "Payback time, for both of you!" The other boys climbed out the window and started to throw snow balls at us too. "RUN!" I shouted to Louis. We turned around still huddled together in the blanket and ran for it to the other side of the house. *CLICK CLICK* "OH NO! Papperazzis!" Louis yelled to the others. We all turned around and ran back into the house. We were all puffing. "I think they took a picture of you," Louis said to me. "How did they find us?" I asked. They all shrugged. Niall walked over to me, grabbed my hand and walked into our bedroom. "Catcha guys later, I want some alone time with Isabell." I smiled. "Ok, we wont desturb your...alone time," Zayn laughed. I sat on the end of the bed and Niall got a dry blanket. "You okay?" I asked Niall. He nodded, "I just got a bit jealous when you were cuddling Louis." " It's okay, he was cold and besides you have nothing to be jealous of. If anything, they should be jealous that your getting all the action," I smirked and walked over to him. I put my hands round his waist and started to kiss him. He lifted me up, with my legs on each side of him and wrapped round the back. He placed me on the bed and got on top of me. I started to take my shirt of and he kissed my belly. He pulled my shorts off and kissed lower. Before I let him take my underwear of I moved on top of him and took his pants off. I kissed him abs and then kissed his lips. Our tounges explored eachothers mouths. I pulled off his underwear and he pulled of mine. Like he did last time, he pulled the blankets over us. The light was already off. We cuddled and then started. After we finished our little pleasurthon, we fell asleep. About 2 hours later I heard someone shouting down stairs. It didn't sound like any of the boys. It sounded more like Dave, but Dave was in prison. "NIALL! WAKE UP!!" I tried to wisper. He woke up and heard the shouting too. We quickly got dressed and ran down stairs. When I saw who it was I couldn't move. It was Peter, Daves brother. "Peter," I wispered. "There you are, you little slut," he shouted. "HOW DID YOU FIND ME?" I shouted to him. "Who is this?" Niall wispered. "Daves brother," I wispered back. He grew anger in his face. "I saw you on the news. There was a picture of you with these fuck heads in the snow. Which made it alot easier for me to find you," he grinned. All the boys built a barrier around me. Peter was holding a gun in his hand. He pointed the gun at me and I scrunched my eyes. "NO!" Niall shouted. *BANG* He fell to the floor. "NIALL!" I screamed. The boys and I started to cry. Blood came from under him. I didn't know where he was shot, but from the amount of blood, it was bad. Zayn was about to kneel down beside him. "DON'T MOVE!" Peter shouted, "OR YOU'LL GET SHOT LIKE HIM! AND STOP CRYING, ALL OF YOU!" I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't believe he shot Niall. I give up, there was no point in living if Niall was dead, but I couldn't do that to the boys, so I have to stay strong. "STOP CRYING!" Peter shouted. "I CAN'T!" I shouted back. The gun was still pointing at me. *BANG*   

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