Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


11. Haters Gonna Hate


   I woke up to find Niall sitting next to me stroking my hair. "Morning babe," he said with his soft voice. "Good morning," I replied. "Look, I'm really sorry for scaring you in the past couple of days," he said upset. "Don't be. It wasn't your fault," I said. I sat up and kissed him. We went into the kitchen to have some breakfast, "Lets just hope nothing exstreme happens today," he said laughing. "You wanna just go for a walk?" I asked. "Sounds great," Niall agreed. We went back to our room to get changed. I changed into some peace skinny jeans and a Union Jack Jumper and Niall got into some black skinny jeans and a cream cotten Jumper. I put my orange vans on and he put him white nikes on. We got down the stairs and into the front room to the boys. "Anyone want to come for a walk with us?" I asked. "I will," Liam jumped up and came towards us. The others kept their eyes on the telly. I think they were watching themselves, HAHA! We got out the door and walked down the driveway while we were all slipping on our gloves, scarves and beanies. I was cold out. We got to the park and we were heading for the lake when we saw two girls point at us and walk towards us. "Hi, can we have an autography from you please Isabell?" One of them asked. Me? Why would they want my autograph and not the boys. "Uhh....yeah sure," I replied. "You boys don't have to wait up," the other girl said, "she will meet you by the lake. Niall looked at me and I nodded, so they started to walk towards the lake. When there heads turned away one of the girls brought out a knife. "You stay away from Niall, you hear me?" she threatened. I nodded. "He probably doesn't really love you anyway. It's probably just for gossip. He will realise that he loves his fans more than any girl," She kept the knife facing me. The girl quickly put the knife away when she saw the boys coming back. They both put on fake smiles and one said, "it was so nice meeting you. They were about to walk off when Niall and Liam stopped them in their tracks. Niall grabed one girl so she couldn't move and Liam grabbed the other and took the knife out her pocket. "YOU THINK WE DIDN'T SEE YOU!" Niall shouted at the girl he was holding down. "YOU DON'T DO THAT YOU STUPID PRICK!" he shouted to the other. Liam got out his phone, still locking the girl in place so she couldn't move. He called the police. The girls were crying at this point. When the police got here they handcuffed the girls and as they were about to be put in the back of the police car Liam said, "Haters gonna hate," giving them an evil look. "YOU TRY THAT AGAIN AND YOU WILL BE SORRY," Niall shouted. I was so shocked at what the girls had done to me. Niall walked over to me and I put my head on his chest. "you okay babe?" Niall asked me. "I think so," I replied. "Lets get you home," Liam said rubbing my back. I turned and gave Liam a hug then said "Thank you." He smiled and we started walking. I held onto Nialls hand tight all the way home. "Im so sorry!" I cried as we got into our room. "What? Why?" Niall looked shocked as I said this. "Ever since you found me, you have been injured twice and pilled with problems," A tear fell. He wiped it with his thumb and said, "They're not problems, they're just situations that need a helping hand," he smiled. I smiled at the thought of him trying to chear me up. It worked, really well.



   I couldn't stand to see my gorgeous girl like this. "Liam?" I called out down the stairs. He came up to my room and asked, "Yeah, what is it?" "Could you look after Isabell for a while? I need to go out and do something," I asked. "Yeah sure," Liam replied. I gave Isabell a kiss, "Cya later babe." "Wait? Where are you going?" Isabell asked. "I can't tell you," I said. I walked out the door and left. I felt so bad for not telling her where I was going, but I knew she would love it. I was going to hire out the ice rink near where we were staying. I wanted to be as romantic as possible.



   He just left. Where was he going? I sat on my bed and started to cry. "Hey, don't cry," Liam rushed by my sde and ugged me, "What's the matter?" "He has probably just gone for a walk to get away from me. I have caused him so much trouble," I sobbed. "Don't think like that. Hey, you wanna go get some ice cream?" he said wiping my tears away. I nodded. We went into the village that was near the holiday house. He held my hand not letting me go. We walked into an ice cream shop. I was very colourful. I made me happy. "Hey, I'm just gonna slip to the toilet okay?" I asked Liam. "Oh, yeah. There isn't one in this shop but there is one a couple streets away. Lets go," he said getting up from his chair. "It's ok, I can go myself," I assured him. "Not at this time of day you can't." he said. At this point it was about 6:30pm but it was getting dark. We walked down the streets. The toilets were down a dark alley. "I need the toilet too so when you finished just wait out here Okay? Don't go anywhere else." he told me like I was a kid. What could I expect though, so much had happened. I nodded at him then went into the toilet. When I finished I came out, but Liam wasn't there. He was probably still in the toilets. I leant agaist the wall waiting for him, when I saw a figure walk down the alley towards me. It was a freakish looking man. "Hey sexy," he stopped infront of me. "Go away," I threatened. "Why? I want you in my pants," He said. He pushed me up against the wall with his body. He put his hand on my private part and I started to cry. "I'm just having some fun," he said pushing me against the wall harder. Liam came out the toilet and saw me. He ran to me and push the man off me. "OY! WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Liam shouted to him pushing him on the floor. He punched him in the face and left him there. He looked at me, his eyes full of regret. He grabbed my hand and we started to run back to were we were staying. "ISABELL!" Niall shouted out to me from the front door, "Where were you? I was worried." I ran past him and up to our room. "Liam? Are you gonna tell me what happened?" I heard Niall say. I sat on my bed and started to cry. Then I heard shouting. "LIAM! WHY DID YOU TAKE HER OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE," I heard Niall shout,"YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN THAT!" About 5 minutes later Niall walked in. He ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and didn't let go. "It wasn't Liams fault," I cried. "Yes it was. He shouldn't of taken you out," Niall said. He sounded angry. We walked down stairs and into the fire room. I sat infront of the fire with Niall. Liam walked in. He looked so upset, but when he saw us he turned around to go out. "LIAM?" I shouted so he could hear me. He walked in with his head down. I have never seen him like this before. He looked so ashamed.



   I was so ashamed of what happened. It was all my fault. I didn't want to look at them, I felt that it wasn't the time for looking into eyes. Especially Isabells, they were so beautiful and full of hope even though she had been through so much. "Niall wants to tell you something," Isabell said. She looked at Niall and gave him a look. Niall got up and walked towards me, "Look mate, I'm sorry for losing it before. It wasn't your fault. It was nobodys fault. We can't stop these things from happening," he said. "But I could of," a tear fell down my eye. "don't sike yourself into thinking that mate. You couldn't of," Niall protested. "The reason I took so long in the bathroom was because I was trying to convince myself that I didn't like Isabell more than a friend," I cried. "You like Isabell?" Niall said in shock. I nodded and ran out. I sat on my bed thinking long and hard. I didn't want to like her, it just happened. I don't love her though, I just like her. I want to find someone else, I don't want to have a crush on my best friends girl. I need to find another girl to get my mind off Isabell.

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