Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


7. Expressing In The Holiday House


   "WAKE UP!" I shot up and screamed. It was the boys screaming at me and Niall to wake up. Niall threw a pillow at them and pulled the sheets over his face. I rubbed my eyes and tried to get up. Liam ran beside me and helped me up, he gave me my cruches "We should probably move away from this spot," He wispered. "Why?" I asked. "You'll see," he laughed. We moved away and Louis wasn't in the room anymore. Next minute I saw Louis walk in with a jug of water and heaps of ice blocks in it. He put his finger over his lips wanting us to fall silent. He crept up to the end of Nialls bed and threw the water on him. "AHHHHH!" Niall screamed and jumped out the bed shaking all the ice cudes off him. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" He screamed at Louis. I couldn't help but laugh. Niall walked up to me. I thought he was going to give me a kiss, but then, without me expecting it. He dropped ice cubes down my shirt. "OH MY GOD!" I yelped. "That will teach you not to laugh at me," he smiled and kissed me on the lips. Then he ran off and chased Louis throught the house. I laught again. I went over to my clothes I had set out for the day, grabbed them and walked over to the room. Harry and Zayn left the room, but Liam stayed there. "You okay?" I asked. He nodded, "Niall is so lucky he found you. He always wanted a girl to love," he smiled and walked out the room. I closed the door to the bathroom and started to get ready.



   20 minutes after chasing Louis around my wound started to hurt. I sat down and looked at it. It looked like it was healing so I was glad. I heard Isabell at the top of the stairs so I scurried over to help her down. "Thanks," she said, emmbarrassed that she needed help. "It's all good," I smiled and kissed her neck. She smelt so good. "I'm starving. Lets go eat." I said. Isabell laughed and followed behind me. Half an hour after breakfast, we got everything in the van and we all set off for our holiday home, except Mum. Mum wasn't coming and I was glad because she was so embarrasing. The trip took about 6 long and hard hours, but it was worth it when I saw Isabells face as we pulled up to a huge house in the hills with a huge lake next to it. "WOW!" she gasped, "It's amazing!" She admired it for a long 2 minutes while we unpacked everything. We walked in and I showed her to our room. It was a big room with a giant walk in wardrobe and a big bathroom connected to it. A huge smile grew on her face, "This is so HUGE!" as she exagerated the word huge. I smiled, "you don't mind if we share beds again do you?" I asked. She shook her head and kissed me on the cheek. We unpacked our clothes and hung them in the wardrobe. It took quite a while cuz it hurt for me to stretch and Isabell and to hop back and forth. I was amusing to watch, but it was really cute. We finally finished, and we chilled on the bed for a while. We heard the boys in the lake next to our window. They were all splashing around and jumping in. I knew that now we could have alone time with Isabell without being disturbed. I walked to the door a shut it and lead back next to her. She smiled and me and leant in to kiss me. I moved onto my side and rested my hand on her belly and carried on kissing her. She held my neck and intensified the kiss, slowly moving her tounge into my mouth. I did the same and got up to her pase. The kiss grew faster, I wanted her so bad. I moved my hand up to her chest and she smiled on my lips. We kissed for a little while longer, then she pulled away, still holding my neck and said, "That's as far as we can go. I don't want to hurt your injury. I smiled and got off the bed. I walked to her side and held out my hand. She grabbed it and I helped her up.



   He lead me down stairs and into a small cozy room with a fire. He sat me down on a beautiful soft couch, "I'll be right back," he said to me and walked out the door. I was so nice and warm in here, especially because it was a small room and it heated fast. Niall came back in and with him he brough a blacket and some choclates. I smiled at him and he sat next to my putting the blanket over us. I lifted my feet onto the couch and cuddled him. He fead me some chocolate and it was really yum. He put his arm around me and gazed into my eyes. I looked back at him. "I will never let anyone hurt you again," he gave me a small smile, and then kissed me on the forehead. We cuddled and talked for a while not running out of anything to say. At around 7:30pm the guys came in and sat on the couches around us. They looked so cold. They rapped themselves in thick blankets and huddled up. "Who wants to play something?" Zayn asked. "Sure, what game?" Liam asked. "Truth or Dare!" Louis suggested. "Ok. Truth or dare Harry?" Zayn asked. "Dare," Harry smirked. "Ok, kiss louis on the lips for 5 seconds," Zayn laughed as he was saying it, then we all cracked up laughing. With the bromance going on between them two, he probably didn't mind that dare. Harry grapped Louis face overexagerating the passion and kissed his lips. We all burst out laughing. The kiss ended and we were still laughing. As we calmed down Harry said, "LIAM! truth or dare?" "Truth," he replied. "ok then pussy," Harry stated. Liam laughed. "Who is you guy crush?" Harry asked. "NIALL!" he replied almost instantly. "cute," I said quietly, but they all heard and started to laugh. I tucked my head in Nialls chest and went pink in the cheaks. "The only cute people in here are you and Niall," liam proclaimed. "Ok, Isabell, truth or dare?" Liam asked. I paused, "I will choose...Dare," I replied. "OOHHH!!" Louis shouted. He was so funny. "Ok, I dare you to...Kiss Niall right here, right now, for a full minute. With Tounge!" liam said. "Bow chika wow wow," Harry sung. Everyone laughed, except me. I was staring at Niall ready to do my dare. He kissed me, and the minute started. He put his tounge in my mouth so I did the same. We stayed at the same pase for the whole minute. Then, we didn't stop. "Love birds, it's been over a minute," Harry stated. Still, we didn't stop. We kept kissing and I put my hand on his cheek. "Lets leave them too it," Zayn said laughing. All the boys walked out of the room and we heard all of their bedroom doors open and close. After we kissed we went up to bed.

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