Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


14. Back To Buisness


   I woke up to hear my phone vibrating. I got a text that read "You back on tour starting tomorrow. Get you stuff ready and head down to management this afternoon." WHAT! THIS AFTERNOON. I was angry that they didn't give us much time. "What is it babe?" Isabell asked me. Her blue eyes filled with concern. "We have to go back today. We start our tour tomorrow. Why do they always do this?" I felt anger shooting out but I tried not to release it. "What? What do the always do?" Isabell asked. She moved over to me and cuddled me. That settled me down. Her beautiful golden brown waves felt soft on my cheek. "They never give us enough notice," I replied. "Okay, well, you go get a shower and get changed. I will tell the boys and start packing our things," she explained. I nodded and walked into the shower.



   I walked down into the living room and found all the boys in there. They were already dressed as were I which was good. "You need to go pack all your things boys. Your back on tour starting tomorrow but you need to get back to management this afternoon," I shouted rounding them all up. I turned the telly off and they all groaned, except for Liam. He did as he was told. "See look at Liam. He's listening to me, so why can't all you?" I asked the boys. "Because we like telly," Louis said in the most babyish way. I made me laugh so hard. "I know you do, but you gotta get all your things together, so get up and skoot off to your room and pack. CHOP CHOP!" I said clapping my hands as I said that. Oh my gosh, I was acting like a mother. What am I doing? Well, I  don't care. They need me. If they didn't have me, they probably wouldn't of got back to management in time. "WHAT ABOUT BREAKFAST!" Niall cried from up stairs. I laughed. He was so cute. "We will get it on the way there," I said walking up the stairs. He was half way through getting changed. I started to pack our things into our suitcases. It took about half an hour and by now it was about 8:30. We took our suitcases down stairs and the boys followed. "Everyone ready?" Niall asked. We all nodded and headed out fro the van. On our way back, we stopped of at a breakfast diner. It was the best pancakes I have ever had. They were so yum, but enough about the food. We got back to, what they called management at about 3:00pm. "Your late!' Paul shouted from the other side of the car park. "We can't help that when someone doesn't give us enough notice," Louis moaned. I giggled at that because he was right. "Who are you?" Paul rudly asked. "Don't be so rude Paul," Niall shot back, "This is Isabell. My girlfriend." "NO! NO! You not allowed a girlfriend. I was suppose to be Louis first," he moaned. Anger filled his mouth and he started to talk through his teeth. This was uncomfortable. "PAUL! You can't tell us what we can and can't do," Zayn fired at him. "I'm having a gilrfriend whether you like it or not. I don't care what you think," Niall protested. Paul gave me an evil look and turned around and walked of.  "Come on then," he shouted through his teeth. We all followed. "I'm so sorry Isabell," Niall said kissing me on the cheek. I stroked my fingers through the back of his hair, "It's okay." I smiled at him and he smiled back. His loving blue eyes were filled with love. "I love you," he said in his beautiful accent. "I love you too," I smiled.



   Paul was planning on getting me a girl friend. Since when? I didn't know about this. I don't think any of the others did too. They looked as shocked as I did. Well, I will fall in love with someone when I'm ready and I'm not ready yet. We went into the recording room to practice our songs for tomorrow night. We were singing in Manchester then flying to Australia I think. Well, that's what I overheard Paul talking about. Isabell sat outside the recording room with our producer. We started to sing 'One Thing' and the look on Isabells face was so funny I couldn't help but laugh. "CUT!" shouted the producer. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOUIS?" Paul growled. "Isabells face!" I laughed, "She looked so shocked." I saw her face grow with embarassment. "Sorry, I have just never actually heard you all together," she said. Niall started to laugh. The we started to mess around for no reason. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" shouted Paul, "You know what, I'm done for now. You guys are finished. Make your way to your Hotel. There is a car waiting to take you there." We all ran off with our luggage and got into the car, well, limo more like. I wonder why Paul gets us limos. It makes us obvious. "Wait, what about the van?" asked Liam. "Oh yeah," Niall said, "I will drive it back to the Hotel. You want to come with me Isabell?" She nodded. So Niall and Isabell got out the car and went to the van. Me and the boys had alot of fun, they missed out.



   While in the van on the way to the Hotel I noticed that Isabell looked quite upset. "What's wrong gorgeous?" I asked her. Her tanned face had gone pale. She looked really unwell. "Are you okay babe?" I asked again this time really worried. My heart stopped. She nodded. I heart started to beat again. I was glad she didn't feel sick of anything like that. "I just keep thinking. What if Paul makes up brake up? Or what if he ruins our relationship?" She asked with her beautiful pink lips now turned white. She wasn't sick, she was scared. Scared that I would leave her. "Babe. Everthing is going to be okay. I would never leave you for the world. Paul can't make us brake up and he deffently can't ruin our relationship. We are unseperable babe," I said. She grew a small smile on her lips. Her face went back to being tanned and her lips went pink again. "Ok," she said to me. I could still see a hint of unsureness in her beautiful complexion. "Don't stress yourself. It's going to be okay," I said. She sighed in releaf. We got to the hotel and before we got out the car I said to her, "Be ready to run. The paparazzi will be onto us." She smiled ready for what was to come. We jump out the car and ran for the entrance to the Hotel. We held hands tight. Paparazzis came running for us taking pictures from every direction. It was new for Isabell so I was really worried about her. We got to the entrance and pushed through the doors quick. The paparazzi weren't allowed in the hotel, so that was good. We met up with the other boys and went to our rooms. Our luggage was already in there. "We should get some sleep," I said to everyone, "We have a big day tomorrow." We all went to our rooms and went to sleep.



   I woke up to the sight of Niall getting dressed. "Good Morning," he said. I smiled. I didn't want to talk I was too tired. I got up and shuffled my feet into the bathroom to get ready. About 20 minutes later I came out of the bathroom all freshed up by that nice warm shower. "Morning," I said to Niall sitting on the bed. He walked up to me and gave me a huge kiss that seemed like it lasted for ever but only really lasted for like 30 seconds. "We have an interview to go to before the the concert okay?" Niall said. I nodded. "But first, breakfast," Niall said excitedly. We went round to all the boys rooms and picked them up. Then we went for breakfast. We sat down with our food at a table and Nialls plate was so full. "You got enough there?" I joked to Niall. "You know what, no," He smiled. He took one of my strawberrys off my plate and added it to his. "There, that's enough," he smiled. I gave him a dirty look, "How dare you take my food," I couldn't hold the look. I was too hard to give him such an evil look when his eyes were full of love. I blurted out laughing and so did everyone else. "So are you joining our interview Isabell?" Harry asked. "No, probably not," I smiled. "There is going to be alot of questions about you," Liam smiled. Really? Questions about me? "Why?" was alls that could come out. "There are lots of pictures of you and Niall holding hands. Obviously they are going to want to know whats going on," Zayn said. He had a good point there. After we waited for Niall to finish his mountain we set off. We got into a big building. We heard someone talking to an audience. I sat on the side lines and watched as the boys got called on stage. "ONE DIRECTION!" shouted a woman. They walked out and the crowd started to sceam. It was so loud I had to block my eyes. They sat on a couch and the crown finally went quiet. "Hello boys, my name is Ashley. How are you all?" The host said. She was a beautiful. She had straight blonde hair with brown eyes. Now that's a look you don't see everyday. She was apsolutely gorgeous. She looked about the same age as me, maybe a bit older. All the boys answered with a single good or great. I heard Niall say great and I got butterflies in my belly. "I know you would be great Niall. I heard you got a girl." Ashley smiled. The crowd laughed. "Yes, I do. She's amazing. Her name is Isabell," Niall said. "Is she here?" Ashley asked. He nodded and pointed towards me off the stage. "Can we talk to her?" Ashkey asked. Oh No! I'm not good with audiences. Niall nodded and his smile was huge. "Put a microphone on her and send her out here," Ashkey smiled. I got the mic on and walked on stage. Louis made space for me to sit next to Niall. I sat down and held Nialls hand. The crowd went "AWWWWW!" "Look at you lovebird," Ashley smiled. I blushed. She asked me lots of questions and to my suprise I wasn't nervous anymore. We all talked for another 20 minutes and then the show ended. I saw Liam and Ashley really getting along. "Niall," I wispered, "LOOK!", I said pointing to Liam. "OHH! Look at then hitting it off," Niall Laughed. I gigled. They looked really cute. "We should probably start heading off to the concert now," Louis said to all of us. We got inot the car and headed off.

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