Isn't she lovely

Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her? no, it was niall. But why was he there, and how did he know about the place??

From there on, the story begins :)


19. America


   I woke up to see Isabells beautiful face on the pillow beside me. Her hair was so long and smooth. I brushed my thumb on her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked at me. "What time is it?" She yawned. I turned my head to look at my phone. "10:00 o'clock babe," I said to her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. "We need to get ready," She said slowly sitting up. We got up and had a shower. Yes, we had one together, but we're engaged. It was a good shower, I'm not saying that like we did anything, we didn't. It was just good to be alone with her for a while. We got out the shower and went to get dressed. "What should I wear?" Isabell questioned herself looking in her suitcase. "What about those new heals?" I asked her. "On a plain? No way! I'm not the type of girl to glam up for a plane," She laughed. "Yeah, I guess so," I laughed back. I walked to her suitcase and pulled out some light blue jeans, a pink flowy top and some pink vans. "Now that's what I call style," Isabell laughed and kissed my cheek. "It's very bright," I smiled, "but I like it." We walked to each room to get the guys up. Louis and Harry were in Louis room already packed and dreesed. There suitcases were ready to go. "How did you know?" I asked them. "It's not just you that gets the texts," Laughed Louis. Harry smirked at me. "I never knew that. I thought I was the special one," I laughed only playing around. We went to Zayns room and he was stood at the full lenghth mirror looking at himself. "You ready to go later?" Isabell asked him. "Yup," he replied with a smile, but he was still stairing at himself. We went to Liams room and there was no answer to the door. We got out the spare key and walked in. "LIAM!" I shouted. I went into his room and I saw Liam and Ashley in bed. Isabell and I looked at eachother and smiled. Isabell ran round to Ashleys side, quietly woke her up and pulled her out of bed. She sat on the chair near the door still half asleep. Me and Isabell got to each side of the bed and got on and started to jump on it. "WAKE UP SUNSHINE!" I shouted. Isabell scruffed up his hair. "AHH! What are you doing! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Liam said rushing to sit up. "Oh, sorry, we just felt like waking you up. We have to leave in about an hour to get to the airport on time, remember?" I said. Liam face planted into his hands. "I forgot!" He rush out of bed to get changed. "Oh what. My suitcase is already packed," smiled Liam. "I did that for you," Ashley said rubbing her eyes. Liam walked up to her and placed his lips on hers. He got his clothes and walked into the bathroom to get ready. "You're so sweet," Isabell said to Ashley passing her some clothes. "Thanks," she said turning slightly red on the cheeks. "So, are you coming with us to America?" Niall asked. Isabell smiled, "That would be awesome." "Oh, well I'm not sure. I haven't really been asked and well, what about the show," Ashley replied. Oh yeah, Ashley couldn't just leave the show she was working on. "Well, you could have some leave from it and join us," Isabell smiled. I could tell that Isabell really wanted a girl to join on the tour. Liam came out of the bathroom buttoning up his shirt. "Oh yeah, Ashley? Do you want to come to America?" Liam asked smiling. "Were you just listening in on us?" I asked. He shook his head, "Why?" "Oh, nothing. Nevermind," I smiled. "So, anyway. Do you?" He asked turning his head to Ashley. It looked as if she didn't know what to say. Ashley turned to Isabell and she was nodding her head. "Okay, I would love to," Ashley got up and hugged Liam and walked into the bathroom.



   We got all our luggage into the car that was taking us to the airport. Niall opened the car door for me. "Thank you," I said and kissed him on the cheek. We were all in the car and we were of to the air port. "So, where are we off to first in America?" I asked trying to start conversation. "California," Harry smiled. Awesome. I have always wanted to go to California. Going there with the boys of One Direction was even better. I had to prepare myself for screaming fans. This was amazing. My life was horrible and worthless before I met Niall. He has changed me for the good. I cuddled up to Niall next to me on the seat. He leant down and kissed me. We got to the airport and got our backs onto the plane. We were boarding in half an hour, so we all sat down to wait. "Anyone want some food?" I asked. "YEAH!" Niall jumped up, "I will help you." Everyone told me what anted and I went to the nearby cafe. I got all the foods and drinks and took them back to where we were sitting. Niall and I passed them out. We ate and the we had to board our plane. Niall sat at the window and I sat next to him. Next to me was Louis. Then infront was Harry Liam Zayn and Ashley. Did I mension we were in frst class. "This is really awesome! I have never been on a plane before," I said to Niall. "You haven't," He said in shock. I shook my head. "Well get use to it," he laughed, "Here, stand up for a minute." I stood up in confusion and he sat me on his seat and he sat on mine. "I have already seen England from in the sky. Now it's your turn," he smiled and kissed me. I looked out the window and we were in the sky. I saw land under us. I gasped in amazment. "It's beautiful isn't it," he smiled. I looked at him into his sparkling blue eyes. I stared into his eyes for a while. I had to admit though, his eyes were more beautiful. "But you are more beautiful," Niall said. He leant in and kissed me. Niall put his arm around me and we fell asleep.

   I woke to the sound of quiet talking. It sounded like Liam and Ashley infront of me. "Ashley? I want you so stay with me forever. Will you move in with me?" Liam asked. "Yes, I would love to," I heard Ashley wisper. Why didn't Niall ask me to move in with him? Well, I couldn't complain, he asked me to marry him. What was his management going to say about this? Like Niall said, it doesn't matter what they think. I looked out the window and saw the light of America down below us. I nudged Niall, "Niall! Wake up, I can see America!" He got scared a bit from me doing that. "AH!" he said. "Oh, sorry. I didn't meen to scare you. I just wanted to tell you that we are here and I can see the lights," I smiled. He leant;;ver to look out the window and said "I love you more than anything." "I love you too," I said and kissed him on the lips. I stroked my fingers through his hair. "You should be focusing more on the nights not me. You can have me anytime," he smirked. I kissed him again, then went back to the lights. Niall got up and walked away and came back with a brew. "Oh, just what I wanted thank you," I said as he passed me the cup. He kissed me on the cheek and sat down. *CLICK* goes Harrys camera as he takes a picture of us. "That's going on twitter," he laughed. I was obviously a picture of us cuddling. I had my hands wrapped around my cup and my feet were up. "DONE!" Harry shouted from over the seat. He actually put that on twitter. Oh gosh. That Harry and his twitter. We landed and got off the plane and press were running at us like crazy. We quickly got inside the car. It drove off to our hotel. "Gosh, that was crazier that usual," Zayn laughed. "I no, they were asking questions like, are Niall and Isabell engaged?" Harry said. "How did they know!" Niall questioned. We all thought long and hard. "TWITTER!" I shouted, "They would of seen the picture of me and Niall and I had the ring on." "We are going to get a lot of questioning and rude comments from management and fans," Louis said. We finally made our way to the hotel. There were hundreds of fans gathered outside the hotel. "We have to sneak the back way," Niall said. "Why?" Harry asked. "Because Isabell could get hurt," Niall answered. He had a point. Some fans might hate me for what has happened with Niall and I. We snuck round the back and we actually made it in safely. A few fans spotted us but we managed to out run them. We got to our pent house and slumped down on the sofas. "Well, I'm so tired after that," Zayn said. "I'm starving," Niall said. I laughed and cuddled up to him on the sofa.   

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