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When a small town boy moves to L.A. to get started on his dream he decides to keep his story in a journal his mom gives him before he moves. He ends up running into four amazing boys that he starts to hang out with. He soon makes a decision that he will regret... Or will he?


18. Welcome Home

I stepped out of the airport and walked to my house.  The distance was short but every step took more and more power.  I reached my house and placed my bags on the front door and put the note I wrote on them, knocked and ran to my hiding spot that only a few people knew about.  I ran and ran just like the tears in my eyes.  My feet kept carrying me until I got to the clearing on the other side of the lake that nobody knew about.  I walked down the path that I made a few years back to make it easier to get to it.  I pushed away the bushes and went into the field of flowers that had one hill.  On that hill was an old Weeping Willow tree.  I ran to it and reached into the trunk and pulled out the still shiny.  I brought it to my wrist "NO!  Don't do it Dakota it took you forever to stop.  Don't let a cheating douche make you start again."  I plead to myself.  I took a deep breath and dropped the knife.  I turned my head and saw a dying flower withering until it could finally die.  I reached down and plucked it from the grass and rocked it back and forth like a baby.  "DAKOTA!"  I heard someone scream.  I stood up from my crouching position that I didn't know I was in.

"Who's there?"  I asked holding back more tears.  I looked around the tree and saw my mom.

"What happened?  I mean you had a job you had a boyfriend.  Why did you come back?"  She asked.

"Logan cheated on me with Kendall!"  I spat with anger.  I pushed her out of my way and ran home.  I just want to be alone.  No friends, no family, and hell no paparazzi.  I turned the knob to the door and the lights were off in the whole house.  I looked out side and saw that it was already well into the night.  I switched on the lights and sat down on the couch with my eyes close.  As soon as my body hit the couch a scream made me jump up.  It wasn't a scream of terror or just a scream it was a 'WELCOME HOME' scream.  I opened my eyes to see all of my around town friends here and my family.

"Just my fucking luck."  I mumbled and stormed off to my room leaving everyone with puzzled looks on there face.  I entered my room and screamed into my pillow in pure sadness.  The one thing I still knew was- I Love Logan Mitchell.

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