All About you

When a small town boy moves to L.A. to get started on his dream he decides to keep his story in a journal his mom gives him before he moves. He ends up running into four amazing boys that he starts to hang out with. He soon makes a decision that he will regret... Or will he?


2. The Apartment

 Right after I met him we got to know each other.  I found out he like hockey, just like me.  He likes to sing, just like me.  Also he likes acting, just like me too.  "So you just move here?"  He asked.

"Ya I want to be famous and try to get a music career,  but I can settle with an acting" I was saying.

"Really? What kind of acting do you want to do?"

"Well I kinda like what Big Time rush does on Nick." I said blushing.

"Well I might help you get on the show if you want.  You seem like you really want it."

"I do but I want to try to do it on my own.  I want to see if I'm good at all."  I said as we called for a taxi.

"Here." He was saying when he handed me a piece of paper, "If you need help around the city just call me."

"Will do." I said blushing.  I sat down in the passenger seat and asked the driver to take me to Hampton suites.  Today I am just going to relax and get ready for the next six months I have here.  We pulled up in a matter of minutes.  I went up to the desk and got my room key and one extra.  I have a tendency to loose stuff.

I got into my room after struggling with my luggage.  I got in and went straight to go take a shower.  I came out with little water droplets slowly trickling down my stomach.  I quickly change into black shorts and a white v-neck t-shirt.  I took out my phone and put in his number.  Then it hit.  Who is this guy anyways and how would he be able to help me get on Big Time Rush.  "I'm just going to call him."  I said giving up.  I grabbed the paper and dialed the number.

"Hello?" He said threw the phone.

"Um ya its me, the guy you met on the plane." I said 

"Oh ya!  I forgot to ask but whats your name?" He asked.

"My name is Dakota. Dakota Wells." I said like James Bond.

"Well its nice to meet you I'm Logan Mitchel." When he said that I almost passed out.

"Ar- ar are you serious?!" I said.

"Ha ya.  I'm the smart part of Big Time Rush." he said casually.

"I can't believe it and you wanna hang out with a nobody like me?!"

"You're just a nobody for now just wait I can tell that you are going to famous just like me." He said. "Oh and  do you want to hang out later I have rehearsal.  Unless you want to come and watch?"

"Yes!" I said, "Of course I would."

"Ok I will come and get you.  Where are you?"

"I'm at the Hampton suit just a few roads away from the airport."

"Ok I will be there soon." He hung up and I grabbed my key and my wallet and walked out to wait for Logan.

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