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When a small town boy moves to L.A. to get started on his dream he decides to keep his story in a journal his mom gives him before he moves. He ends up running into four amazing boys that he starts to hang out with. He soon makes a decision that he will regret... Or will he?


17. No No No No No No!

A/N  Sorry guys that I haven't been updating lately its just I am having a terrible writers block.  I will try to get more of these in but school comes first.


Dakota's POV

I am sitting here reading some fan fictions like I usually do.  I'm glad they aren't making any of me.  GOD.  That would be embarrassing if my mom reads some.  I chuckle to myself.  I read over a Kogan one shot.  God they are perfect for each other, but Logie is mine.

I signed off of my laptop and went down stairs.  My first appearance on Big Time Rush is going to be on tonight and I don't want to miss it.  I just hope I don't look like an idiot.  I made some popcorn for me and Logan because I am having him watch it with me.  I hear a moan coming from upstairs.  Oh my god, James and Carlos need to be a little more quiet.  I walk up stairs and knock on their door but they kept on going.  Ok well looks like I'm going in.  I open the door and freeze at the sight in front of me.  "No no no no no no no!"  I said as I started to cry.

"Dakota!  I can expla-"  Logan started to say but I cut him off.

"Ya!  Explain how you are MAKING OUT WITH YOUR FRIEND AND CHEATING ON ME!!!"  I said screaming.  "YOU BLOODY TWITS!!"  I added screaming loader.  James and Carlos come out of the computer room that we sat up.

"Dakota?  Did you just say that with a British accent?"  Carlos asked.

"YA YOUR POINT IS?  WHEN I GET MAD THAT HAPPENS!"  I scream.  I looked over towards Logan and Kendall.  "Fuck.  You.  I am leaving."  I said going into my room and start packing my clothes.

"Where are you going?"  James asked me putting a hand on my shoulder to stop me momentarily as a tear left my eye one last time.

"Heidi's."  I said calmly. "And then maybe home."  I said leaving my room.  As I got to the front door I stopped and turned around and saw the show on.  I will never watch it again.  I thought angrily, and stormed out the door.

"Heidi you home?"  I asked knocking on her door.  It slowly opened to a tired looking Heidi.

"What. Do. You. Want?"  She asked in a sleepy slow mumble.

"Logan cheated on me."  I said with tears tracing my eye lids again.

"How did you get here?"  She asked fully awake and aware of the situation.

"I walked."  I said looking down.

"Get in here now."  She said in a demanding voice.  We went and sat down.  "Tea?"  She asked.

I smiled. "You know me so well."  As I sat down at her kitchen table.  "Heidi do you think you can drive me to the airport?"  I asked hoping she would say yes.

"Why!?"  She asked handing me my freshly made tea.

"I want to go home."  I said and she just dropped the subject after saying a mummbley sure.  After the tea we talked and she told me where I could sleep tonight.


I walked threw the doors of L.A.X. and went and got my ticket.  I walked to where the airplane was and sat down in my seat next to a guy with a hood and sun glasses.  I quickly thought of the first time I met Logan.  Tears started to pour again and I got weird stairs and the person I was supposed to sit by walked over and picked me up and sat me down in the seat.  I looked up at the person and saw who it was.

"No..."  I said quietly. 

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