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When a small town boy moves to L.A. to get started on his dream he decides to keep his story in a journal his mom gives him before he moves. He ends up running into four amazing boys that he starts to hang out with. He soon makes a decision that he will regret... Or will he?


11. Blood, Sweat, and Tears

My body tensed as I was waking up.  "Dakota, are you waking up?"  I faintly heard Logan say.  I slowly open my eyes to a blinding light and immediately closing them again.  "Ok Dakota I will be right back.  I am going to get the nurse."  He said and I heard the door open and close.  I slowly open my eyes again and let them quickly adjust.  After I sat up I heard the door again and in walked a nurse and a very tired and depressed Logan.

"Oh god Logan what happened to you?!"  I asked sadly.

"You have been asleep for about a week Dakota.  I haven't slept since."  He said emotionless.

"Ok Dakota do you know what happened that made you pass out and go into a small coma?"  The nurse said.

"Uh... Ya, the interviewer asked us if we have ever had sex and who was gave and who received."  I said blushing.

"That night was going to be our first night to do it."  Logan said looking into my eyes lovingly.

"Ok TMI you guys!"  The nurse said.  Then the door burst open.

"DAKOTA!!"  and then I was developed into a choking hug by Heidi.  She then turned to Logan and slapped him.  "Why did you never call me!"

"HEIDI STOP IT!"  I yelled at her.  I grabbed Logan's hand.  "When can I get out of the hospital?"  I asked the nurse.

"Uh... Today."  She said causing me to smile like a mad man.  "To be more precise,  at noon."  She said.  I looked over at the wall clock.  YAY!  Only an hour.

"Thank you."  I said as she left the room.  Heidi was glaring at Logan but he was more focused on me.

"I have missed you so much Dakota."  He said hugging me.  I pulled back and looked into the golden brown eyes that I haven't seen for days.  My hand slipped to his cheek and caressed it.  I leaned in closing my dull brown eyes and kissed him.

"Logan how can you love some one like me?"  I asked as we pulled away.

"You are the most caring person I know.  You cared for me even when you didn't know who I was."  He said looking deep into my eyes.


I walked back into Logan, James, Carlos, and my flat.  Carlos came running in from the living room to see who just came in threw the door.  "DAKOTA!"  He said running and giving me a big hug.

"Where is James?"  I asked.

"He has been in his room all day."  Carlos said sadly.

"Oh... Logan can I go see him?"  I asked.

"Why are you asking me, ya I am your boyfriend but I don't have to make all you decisions, love."  He said.

"Ok be right back."  I said trotting up the stairs heading to James' room.  Before I knocked I heard crying outside the door.  Knock Knock.  "James?"  I asked.

"Go away Carlos!"  He yelled from the other side of the door.

"James its Dakota can I come in?"

"Dakota?  NO!"  He yelled, but it was too late I had already swung the door open to see a shirtless James laying in a small pool of blood crying on the floor.

"JAMES!"  I screamed running to him to see him holding a knife and a cut along his forearm.  I looked closer at it his stomach and saw that he had cut the word fag.  "James?"  I asked sympathetically.  "Why?"

"GO AWAY DAKOTA!  No one likes a fag."  He said starting to cry again.

"James I like you.  Carlos likes you.  Logan likes you, and I am sure that Kendall likes you.  They all like me and I am a fag so is Logan."  I said but he just stood up put his shirt on and ran out of the room.  I chased him down stairs where I was already covered in sweat from the lack of exercise I have had.  I really need to go to a gym.

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