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When a small town boy moves to L.A. to get started on his dream he decides to keep his story in a journal his mom gives him before he moves. He ends up running into four amazing boys that he starts to hang out with. He soon makes a decision that he will regret... Or will he?


9. BFF's Forever Right?

I was rudely awoken by Logan's phone going off.  "Logie bear,  wake up hun."  I said to him shaking him a bit.  He started to stir and his eyes fluttered open.  "Your phone is going off."  I said smiling at his gorgeous brown eyes.

"They can leave a message."  He said.  "I would much rather sit here with you."  He leaned in and kissed my forehead.  His phone went off again.

"Logan just pick up the phone."  I said looking him in the eye.  He rolled his eyes and pressed answer.  As soon as he did I heard yelling.

"Uh, hey Crystal."  He said scratching his neck.  "WHAT?!!  No I won't.  I, NO!"  He screamed before hanging up.

"Logan did she say we need to break up?"  I said.  All he did was nod.  "Did she say that if we don't then you will lose your job?"  He nodded.  "Ok well I don't want you to lose your job,"

"What are you trying to say?"  He said with tears in his eyes.

"We...w-..."  Then I broke and started crying.  "Logan I am so sorry but we can't date.  I want you to keep your job and if I'm the reason why you can't keep it then I don't want to hold you back."

"Dakota no.  We are staying together we can get different jobs."  Logan said while crying into my shoulder.

"No Logan.  You are great at what you do and you love it.  I want you to keep doing it."

"Well can we please just go to management and see if there is anything we can do to stay together and I stay in BTR?"


We are now sitting in the waiting room at management.  I heard the secretary hang up the phone and her foot steps coming closer.  All I hope is that me and Logan can stay together.  "Logan and Dakota, Crystal will see you."

"Heidi!  Is that you?"  I said mouth wide open.

"Dakota!  Oh my god I didn't know it was you!"  Heidi said running to give me a hug.  "So you and Logan?"  She said wiggling an eyebrow causing.

"Ya.  We got caught kissing in public and now Crystal wants us to break up."  I said tearing up again.

"What!  That is terrible.  Ok lets go."  She said like the protective best friend she is.

She threw the doors open.  "HEY BITCH!  Why do these love bird gotta break up?"  Heidi yelled.

"Sorry for her language Crystal."  I said.

"No don't apologize she deserves it.  I ask again why do they have to break up?" 

"Because there are homophobic people out there that will quit listening and our rates will drop." Crystal said.

"Ya and there are gays out there and will want more of BTR and will watch and listen more and buy more and, I know for a fact that teen girls love boyxboy they will fantasize so much about them now."  Heidi said angrily.

"Fine.  But if rates drop then I will firer you and make you gays... oh I am sorry, you guys break up."  She said glaring at us.

"You BITCH!  You are homophobic!"  Heidi yelled.

"Heidi come on.  Please."  I said pulling her out of the office.

"I am taking lunch break bitch!"  Heidi spat at Crystal as we walked away.  "Dakota we are going to be BFF's forever right?"

"Of course."  I said smiling.

"Ok good, oh and Logan?"

"Ya?"  Logan said.

"Make sure you guys use protection."  Heidi said causing me and Logan to blush.

"HEIDI!"  I said slapping her arm.

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