All About you

When a small town boy moves to L.A. to get started on his dream he decides to keep his story in a journal his mom gives him before he moves. He ends up running into four amazing boys that he starts to hang out with. He soon makes a decision that he will regret... Or will he?


8. Auditions and Cameras

There are three people in front of me for the auditions.  Logan has to sit in the audition room and will be judging me.  It was what I feared the most; some one special to me judging me.  I just hope that I am good enough for the show.  "Dakota Delantiago."  Some one called snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Hey Logan!"  I said playing my role.

"Oh hey Tyler.  I didn't know you moved to L.A."  Logan said playing his role.

"Ya, I came here to follow my dreams.  I am staying at the Hotel a few minutes away."

"Oh cool.  Hey you should come hang out some time so we can catch up."

"Sure thing.  I will see you monday?"

"Ok now do scene 34." The producer said.

"Tyler!  What are you doing on the street!?"  Logan said.

"I got kicked out of my hotel."  I said playing like I was sad and depressed.

"Well hey why don't you come over to our apartment.  I'm sure Mama Knight will be happy to see you again and we will see if you can stay with us."

"Oh I don't have too."

"Tyler you are on the street and you're our bestfriend.  You are going to stay with us."

"Thank you, uh, Dakota we will get in touch with you.  Where do you live?"  The producer asked.

"Uh I live with Logan."  I mumbled while blushing.

"Where do you live?"  He said a little annoyed now.

"He lives at my house."  Logan mumbled but louder then I did.

"Oh."  The producer said awkwardly.

"Ya, uh lets go home Dakota."  Logan said while grabbing my hand and walking to his car.  I was the last person to audition so I was going to be judged harder.  "You did great love."  Logan said trying to make me feel better.

"But there were people who looked like they were already actors and were already in movies.  I am a nobody."  I said starting to tear up.

"You may not be famous or known by alot of people, but I know you were better then they were.  You know why?"  He asked I looked at him confused.

"No why?"

"Because you and I were kind in that situation so it was like you were replaying it like it was really happening again."  He said leaning over to kiss me.  We started to here clicks so I looked around, then a flash of light hit me.  I knew exactly who it was.  The paparazzi.  We drove home quickly.  When we got home I got so mad I punched the wall leaving a hole and my hand bleeding.

"Dakota!"  Logan screamed and ran over to my hand and planted little kisses on  it and thats when I broke.  "Dakota I don't give a living fuck if management tells us to break up.  I am going to date you!"  He said hugging me and I slowly went to sleep

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