My one love from one direction

It's about Niall and zayn from one direction and the meet a pretty girl on their tour so zayn asks her out and to go on tour with him and they break up and she starts seeing Niall


2. Yes we got backstage passes

We finally got there but it was a rush as there was like the longest que I have ever been in and it kept getting longer and longer, we got in with about fifthteen minutes to spear we got sat at the very front and then they came running on and I saw him I acturally saw him with my eyes he was perfect and the cutest his name was zayn I liked that name it had a zing to it. I was standing there about a metre a way from me I was singing and raving and then he and the others started throwing out backstage passes and me and my mates all got them and I was over joyed and exited because I have always wanted to meet them in person and now I am, I wanted to scream!
Me and my mates stood there for the whole performance and sang and danced and eleven blew kisses at our favourites in the band and you already know who mine is. It was about 1:00pm wwhen it finished and we were all hungry but we went to the backstage with our passes and OMG!! It is so big and nice in the back room and I stood near the wall and then zayn says "come and sit down on the chairs girls" and pats the space next to him and my mates amendmently sit there leaving me there a long with know where to sit and then Niall says " you can sit on zayns lap if you want" so I go and sit on his lap it is so warm and feels nice then everyone apart from me and zayn leave to go to eat.
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