My one love from one direction

It's about Niall and zayn from one direction and the meet a pretty girl on their tour so zayn asks her out and to go on tour with him and they break up and she starts seeing Niall


5. Why did I do that?

Niall comes up to me and asks to talk so we go into the bathroom and he says that he has feelings for me and he then kisses me and pulls away but I then kiss him again and we start taking eachothers clothes off and having sex it feels better then having sex with zayn but I don't know why. We have sex he pulls me closer and pulls his jeans down and I then lift up my skirt and we do it but we have done silent after an hour we come out and I say not to tell anyone and he says he won't . We go and eat with the boys and I sit on zayns lap which turns him on and we head over to our room and go to sleep. In the morning Niall asks if I love him I say that yesterday was a mistake and he says no it wasn't because I love you and always will.
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