My one love from one direction

It's about Niall and zayn from one direction and the meet a pretty girl on their tour so zayn asks her out and to go on tour with him and they break up and she starts seeing Niall


3. We make out!!!

We sit there in silence and then he says "Bexxy, will you go out with me? I mean I know it's soon and we don't know eachother but I like you." I sit there and look into his eyes and say " this is the awnser..." and then we kiss passionately and fall on to the sofa and he holds me by the waist and I kiss him put my hands in his hair and her then opens his jeans zip and I open mine gently while we still kiss and we then make love passionately when we are finished I say "I love you zayn" and he says " I love you too Bexxy" we then quickly get dressed and then kiss eachother passionately and suddenly Evie, Taylor, Niall, Louis, Harry and Liam burst in from eating and we break apart.
Harry says "way to go zayn!" they all look at us and Evie says to me "me and Taylor are gonna go back but you can stay if you want to." I reply " ok but I'm gonna stay a bit longer" me and zayn walk to the balcony and he kisses me and says "do you want to stay on tour with me and the boys as we are going out" I think and the say back " omg yes of course" we smile and then head back to the boys and zayn tells them and they say "yay" we then go and get on the tour bus and I pull zayn into to toilet and we get into the bath and have sex it is a passionate time and we kiss and kiss and we have been in there for two hours and niall then knocks at the door and says "I need to go to the toilet" we get dressed and come out and Niall goes running in. We head back to the dinning table to eat with the boys.
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