My one love from one direction

It's about Niall and zayn from one direction and the meet a pretty girl on their tour so zayn asks her out and to go on tour with him and they break up and she starts seeing Niall


4. The tour at Brighton

We get off at Brighton and go to our private hotel. Me and zayn go to our room and straight to the shower to have more passionate sex. We step in to the shower and I push him up against the wall and kiss him passionately he then switches sides with me and start kissing my neck gently and going on till he gets to my breasts he then turns on the shower and sucks my breasts passionately with all his love in him I then do the same and go all the way down too his dick and suck it then we make lOve like we have never made it before. We get out of the shower about two hours later and get dressed and go to get a drink. I open the door and the boys are there listening to us, I say "hello boys" and wink at them. I go and get me and zayn a glass off water and bring them to our bedroom. I fall asleep on zayn's chest and I feel him kiss me head. We get up and get ready the boys go to there tour and I stay at the hotel and go on twitter and Skye my mates.they come back and eat with me. We then all climb back into the tour bus and head to edinbrough.
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