My one love from one direction

It's about Niall and zayn from one direction and the meet a pretty girl on their tour so zayn asks her out and to go on tour with him and they break up and she starts seeing Niall


1. Oh my god!!!!

Me and my two friends have known each other since kindergarten and we all love one direction.

"guess what?! Guess what?!" said Evie.
"what is it Evie?!" me and my other friend Taylor said
"I have three tickets for the one direction tour in London at the O2 arena and you are coming with me!!!!" said Evie.
Me and Taylor just staired at her like she was joking and she then pulled out off he pockets three tickets with one direction written on them and then we believed her and we all screamed.

Evie then said "it's tomorrow and I will pick you up at 7:00am and remember to bring a camera or your phone to take pictures!!!! I am so exited!"
"I'm tired" I groaned, I am late up and it was 6:30am and I only have 30minutes till they pick me up so I quickly got showered and dressed and put my makeup on and sorted out my bag and I as I was putting my coat and shoes on the doorbell rang I opened it and hopped into the car with on shoe on and one off !
"have you got everything?" said Evie to me and Taylor.
"yes!"we both replied, and fell out laughing.
We started driving as it takes one hour to get there and it started in two hours.
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