Could This Really Be Happening

Ellie is your average girl. Until her dad becomes One Direction's new manager. When she finds herself falling for one of the boys, like she'd sworn not to do, will she stop it or let it go on? No hate please!:D For the Fan Fiction competition!


55. Two Weeks

Once we got to the house, there was a huge crowd of people around our house.

" All of your friends wanted to throw you a party!" dad said, a cheesy smile on his face.

I climbed out of the car and got a better look at the crowd. Everyone who had ever bullied me. Well, time to give them a taste of their own medicine.

" I lived with 1D! So what?! I'm not going to like any of you! Your all bullies! And liars! Get away! Don't ever come back!" I shouted. My dad came over to me and looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. I just got my bags out of the car and calmly walked inside. My home! My sweet home! I went upstairs and unpacked. When I was done, I walked downstairs. My dad stood there, arms folded, straight face.

" What was all of that?!" he asked.

" They all bullied me! I hated myself because of them!" I shouted.

" Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." he said.

" It's okay. I love you." I said, hugging him.

" I love you too." he said.

I walked into the kitchen and made a glass of apple juice. I turned around and went into the living room to sit down. I turned on the tv. The news. But something caught my eye. Pictures. Of me in Zayn's arms and pictures of me in Harry's arms. They were calling me a tramp. I picked up the phone and called the news station. I expressed myself with a colorful vocabulary. I hung up the phone and called Harry. I explained everything.

" I'm sorry. But hang in there. For me. Just two weeks."

" Okay. I love you. Bye." I replied.

" Love you too. Bye." he said. I hung up my phone and walked towards the door. My dad was standing in the doorway.

" I just got a call from the news station. What were you thinking?!" he asked.

" They called me a tramp!" I shouted.

" I don't know what's gotten into you. But your grounded for two weeks. The whole time you'll be here." he said seriously.

" Fine by me! I don't have any friends here anyways!" I shouted as he turned around and walked off. I slammed the door behind him. I layed across my bed. I grabbed my pocket knife, and I did it.
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