Could This Really Be Happening

Ellie is your average girl. Until her dad becomes One Direction's new manager. When she finds herself falling for one of the boys, like she'd sworn not to do, will she stop it or let it go on? No hate please!:D For the Fan Fiction competition!


111. The Unthinkable

We went back inside, after Zayn decided that there were too many bugs on the beach.


I was constantly fighting the idea of running away. Far away. Getting out of here would be tough, though. Considering the fact that I seriously thought that the boys took shifts. As in; staying awake, making sure I've eaten, and such as that.


Once we got inside, I noticed that all of the lights were out, including Liam's bedroom light.


" Fudge. My clothes are in there. I guess I'll just sleep with Liam." I said.


" Night." Zayn replied, looking a little down.


" Night." I whispered in return.


He leaned down and lightly brushed my cheek with his lips.


I opened the door slowly and quietly, not wanting to wake up Liam. I went and changed into my pajamas. My ankle was like back to brand-new. No more pain! Yay!


I slipped into a tan tank top and some pink short shorts. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and tip- toed to the bed side. I pushed back the covers and crawled into the bed. Liam sat up, shaking his head and smiling.


" Hey, sexy." I teased.


" Ha ha ha." He joked.


" Liam, I can't do this anymore. I feel like I'm tearing you guys apart." I said, getting up.


" Wait- Wha- Huh?" He studdered.


I grabbed my bags and slipped on my shoes. I took out my phone and called a cab.


" Ellie!" Liam screamed.


" What?" I asked.


" What the hell?!"


" I'm leaving. I can't do this. Harry hates me, Niall's hurt, and I'm torn. I have to leave." I explained.


" Fine then. Go." Liam said.


He turned around and stormed off into his room. I heard a door slam.


I walked out to the drive; the cab had pulled up.


" Where to?" The driver asked.


" The airport." I answered.


I was actually doing this, I was leaving the boys. The boys I thought that I couldn't live without. I was doing the unthinkable.



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