Could This Really Be Happening

Ellie is your average girl. Until her dad becomes One Direction's new manager. When she finds herself falling for one of the boys, like she'd sworn not to do, will she stop it or let it go on? No hate please!:D For the Fan Fiction competition!


110. In Search Of A Life

" Zayn!" I laughed.


He tugged me closer to him, using the belt loops that had become a new home of his thumbs, to pull me.


" Ellie, I think we need to talk. Seriously." Zayn said.


He took his thumbs away from my shorts, waiting on me to sit down in the sand. I tried, but I almost fell backwards. In one swift movement, his hand flew up to my elbow, steadying me.


I sat down, as did he.


" Ellie, why do you, you know, or did you, cut? Your wrists, I mean." He asked.


I looked into his brown eyes. They were serious.


" Zayn, I don't know. I guess I wasjust in search of a life. It's like I didn't know if I was alive or not. I was hurt. And sad. I don't know. It felt like I didn't have anybody." I explained.


" Well, you will always have me, Ellie. Forever." He answered.


He put his arms around me, engulfing me in a hug. I went limp in his arms. A single tear fell from my eye. I sniffled. Zayn just held me tighter.


I don't know what to do anymore. I'm going in constant circles. Maybe I should just leave. But, how?

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