Could This Really Be Happening

Ellie is your average girl. Until her dad becomes One Direction's new manager. When she finds herself falling for one of the boys, like she'd sworn not to do, will she stop it or let it go on? No hate please!:D For the Fan Fiction competition!


9. In Love

After that, I ended up making all of the boys, and myself, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. With the help of Harry, of course.

After everyone was finished, I went to take a shower. I decided to put my hair in a French braid. I looked in the mirror. About 5'5", medium-length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, little round nose, straight teeth, freckles, and a scar right under my left cheek from a bike wreck when I was 8. Why did Harry choose me? I was so plain.

I decided on a pair of green Aeropostale short-shorts and a t-shirt with a picture of the Union Jack on it.

I walked into the living room and they had put on 'Finding Nemo'. Great. I cry every time I watch it.

I had fallen asleep during the middle of it. Big mistake. I woke up and everyone was laughing. I ran to the bathroom and screamed.

They had drawn a monocle and a mustache in Sharpie on my face!

" Seriously?!" I screamed.

They all ran into the bathroom with me." What's the matter, Mrs. Peanut?" Liam said.

" You're all helping me get this off." I warned.

We spent about half an hour with soap to my face.

" It's not working! Liam! Zayn! Go buy some baby oil!" I yelled as I threw a 20 at them.

" Okay..." Zayn said as he grabbed Liam's arm and trudged away slowly.

We all sat there, in the bathroom, waiting. Niall was sitting on the edge of the bathtub with Louis, and Harry was sitting next to me on the tiny counter.

" Not so funny anymore, huh?" I asked.

" Not really." said Niall.

After they returned they got it off of my face. Harry got off the counter and threw me over his shoulder like a firefighter.

I couldn't stop laughing. He tossed me on the couch and sat down next to me.

" I love you." I whispered into his ear.

"I love you too, Ellie." he said.

I guess we were in love.
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