One Direction

a true story


3. continuation of~ a new friend

"wel... i'm still very sorry about bumping into you like that. How about i make it up to u? maby go to mcdonalds and grab a bite to eat?" his thick irish accent still giving me the chills.

"Um, sure! that sounds great! but if u dont mind i need to shoot my mom a quick txt, she can sometimes get a bit worried." ugh im such an embarrasment to myself... my checks are probabaly a firery red rite now.. i probabaly dont smell any better than a bumpster considering i just came back from practice... im a wreck

"definatley love! wouldnt want ur mom to worry!" still with a big innocent smile one his face. " im pritty sure theres a mcdonalds just two blocks from here! shouldnt be a long walk!"


Niall's POV~

I bumped into a girl on my way back to my appartment. we hit eachother quite hard! our conversation went on..shes very pretty! she has long wavy dark brown hair. with hazel eyes. and plump pink lips. she was tan, and actually quite tall..... i tried my best to keep my cool.

i asked her if she wanted to go to mcdonalds.... not a very smooth move.. but it was the only thing i could think of! im suprised she said yes! to make up for my cheesy decision to mcdonalds, i promised myself that i would make a good impression on this beautiful girl. i only hope shes willing to put up with me..

( hi this is the author... im srry this isnt very good quality but its the first story ive written so bare with me?)

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