One Direction

a true story


2. continuation of~ a new friend

Im still quite a long ways away from my house, i realise as i step back into reality. knowing this i force myself to go back to my drained, automatic state. Suddenly i bump into someone, and fall straight on my bum.
"ouch! oww wow ok! haha!" i chuckle a bit. " are u ok?" i try and say as sincerly as possible. still trying to brush myslef off and pull my ear buds out. "I'm realy sorry i didnt see u there!" i keep apologizing.
"its fine! realy! r u ok? u realy shouldnt be the one apologizing! i should have paid more attention to where i was going!"
his rich irrish accent swells in my ears, it sends chills up my body. i look up to see these gorgeos blode locks on his head and beautiful blue eyes, with tiny flecks of yellow, looking directly at me. i felt my checks get pink.
"realy, r u ok??... Helooo?" hes waving his hands in front of my face.
i relize i was staring, my checks turn cherry red.
"I'm-im fine re-realy!" i manage to stutter out as i force myself off the ground.
"ok, good!" he says with an adorable smile. "im niall! im realy sorry for bumping into u like that! whats ur name?" his eyes seem a bit more curious than before, but his smile is still there.
"I'm Hailey! and dont worry about that! it was mainley my fault, i get a hit caught up in my own thoughts!" im talking like an idiot.. i probably look like one too.
"well its very nice to meet you Hailey!" his smile even wider than before.
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