One Direction

a true story


1. a new friend

The morning light peirced through my bedroom windows. I forced myself to open at least one eye. Ugh, how i hated the morning, my bed was so warm and soft! I couldnt help but wonder what today would be like. If anything new would happen to me! Everything was always the same, no changes, no fun, just the same rutine.

i smell my mom cooking breakfast... i cant help but drool... it smells soooo good!
"HAILEY!! breakfast is ready!!!" my mom screams.
"coming!!!" i say darting down stares, no longer careing about my comfortable bed.
"Breakfast smells delicious mom!" i manage to blurt as i stuff my plate with food.
"Well eat up! You have volleyball practice today, i dont want you to be any worse than usual!" she says mockingly with a playfull look on her face.
"thanks mom!" i reply in a high piched sarcastic way.
I managed to devoure my breakfast a bit faster than usual today! For some reason i felt like today was going to be nice.

Practice starts at noon. Considering its 10 already and i have to walk to the beach for practice, i starting getting ready. Bathing suit on, shorts buttoned, shirt on, and hair up! i got ready quickly, i guess im a bit excited! i grabbed my bag and jogged downstairs.
"MOM!!!!" i screeched
"yes honey???" she replied, sounding a bit annoyed
"i think i might get an early start! see u after practice! i have my phone on me! call me if u need anything! love you!" i say trying to sound as nice as possible.
"ok! love you too!" her usual response.

The walk wasnt very short but i didnt mind. It gave me time to listen to some music, and just think to myself. it was nice to just walk peacefully. there was a soft breeze, it felt good considering it was a warm day. before i began blasting my music i looked around intentivley. Absorbing my surroundings. before i knew it i was in a paced walk, ignoring the world around me.

Practice was its usual. nothing special at all. just a bunch of boring drills that ive rehersed and worked on plenty of times. I guess my hopes that today was going to be fun was nothing. I packed my bag, and began my walk home. Ignoring the world ounce again. I liked to shut everything out a just go blank for a while. i have already memorized the long path to and from my house, so i would stop and go automatically.
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