An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


39. Wrapped in a Towel.


Zayn’s P.O.V:


I know I was acting different around her, I don’t even understand what’s that magnetic thing I feel when I get to see her. Since I broke up with Perrie my mind was set on her for some weird reason, I feel guilty for letting myself think this way, I mean, she’s Harry’s girl, and besides we’re really good friends, I like her, I like her a lot. I don’t know if it’s her amazing latin accent, her natural tan skin, her dark daring eyes, the way she walks, the way she look at me, her fascinating hair, GOD I don’t know and it’s not the first time I feel like this, lost in my own thoughts about her, I KNOW IT’S WRONG, but I can’t help it, so I’ll just let things flow.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I couldn’t ask for more, I’m back home, back to where I belong, back to my family, back to my friends, and the love of my life is here to live all this with me, it’s incredible how happy I am, incredible the way she makes me be a better ME, a better MAN, she have been a real blessing in my life.


And there she was, sleeping right next to me, like sleeping beauty would, so peaceful and quite, she’s an angel, her dark hair was covering the snow-white pillow, her pink lips looked so kissable, I just stared at her beautiful face, I gently touched her forehead and kissed it, minutes later I simply fell asleep.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


It was pretty awkward waking up in Harry’s home, guess I’ll need to get used to this, I almost freaked out when I didn’t recognized where I was, till’ I saw him adorably sleeping next to me. Everything seemed perfect but there was something in my mind bothering me very bad, it was like those moments where you know there’s something disturbing your peace but you just don’t get what it is, well everything got pretty clear when I took my phone and saw a text from Zayn.


**Morning gorgeous, the boys are planning to go and play some golf, I don’t know how to play, so I figured you can stay with me instead, you mind? Let me know, I have some plans already  (: **


‘’Oh!..’’ – was all I said to myself I put my phone in the nightstand, and went to take a shower.  I heard Harry waking up, and talking to the phone ‘’Yeah mate, sounds great, we definitely should go and play a bit’’ – I heard him say to obviously one of the boys. I already knew I was spending the day with Zayn, I know it wouldn’t be bad at all, he’s such a sweetheart and even though it doesn’t show that much, he’s really funny.


‘’Babe!!’’ – Harry shouted inside the bathroom, ‘’Gosh sweetie, I’m here, don’t yell!!’’ – I replied to him while squeezing my body gel, I heard him giggle, ‘’I’m going to play some golf with Liam and Louis, you okay with that?’’ –‘’Are you asking me? You want my permission or something??’’- I responded, ‘’Well, I just love you so much and wanted to know what your thoughts were about me going and you staying, I mean, not alone, Zayn offered to spend the day with you so you don’t stay here, by yourself which I found pretty nice of him’’ – ‘’I have no problem with you going and enjoy yourself out there babe, don’t worry.’’ – I told him, ‘’Great then, I’ll take a shower in the other bathroom, Zayn will pick you up in any minute’’ – ‘’Kay babe, thank you, love you’’ – ‘’Love you too pretty’’ – he yelled running out of the bathroom.


Five minutes later I was having some wrestling fight with my suitcase, all my clothes were stuck in there, I had only a towel on, and I Harry was out of the house already, guessed he didn’t even had the shower. I had my hair wet, and the towel wrapped in my chest. I heard the ring bell ‘’GREAT!!’’, ‘’I’m coming!’’ – I yelled, went straight to the front door, it was Zayn, a huge Cold thing took over my body I had to shake myself off a bit before opening the door. 


‘’I’m so sorry, you could tell me to wait or something’’- he said while seeing me only with the white piece of fabric on.

‘’Don’t worry, I’ll go and change, wait for me.’’ – I told him.


He sat in the living room playing or doing something with his phone, but I could still feel his eyes glued to me, like I could feel his eyes touching my back. 

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