An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


38. What the hell is going on?


Liam looked so happy I missed talking to him and being able to count with such a great friend like him, Louis was so excited to see Harry he couldn’t even stop asking him stuff and talking, Niall adorable as always taking care of me, asking me if the air conditioner was too cold, asking me if I was hungry of course, and Zayn, he looked different, he was soo good looking, I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s amazingly handsome but he was..different, I looked at him he smiled and fixed my hair.


We went straight to Harry’s apartment or should I say our home? Anyway the thing is we went there. Funny the fact that the last time I was there, I was crying my heart out, I never saw him there, and I left a note telling him how much he meant to me. Now we’re living under the same roof.


Niall and Louis were figuring out what to order, we were all starving, Harry was taking a shower and I sat alone in a sofa, I sighed loud, ‘’What happen beautiful?’’ – this breath-taking voice asked me, I turned around, it took me by surprise almost scaring me cause I thought I was alone in the room, ‘’Gosh Zayn you scared me’’- I told him putting my right hand in my heart. ‘’I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean to’’- he said nicely, he sat next to me, he had an amazing perfume, he was acting weird, I couldn’t tell what was exactly going on with him but it was different than the last time I saw him.


‘’So tell me, are you excited about the idea of living in here?’’ – he asked looking straight to my eyes, I couldn’t stop staring at his perfect skin-tone or his always well done hair, ‘’Yeah, I’m.. very excited, I missed you guys so much’’ – I stuttered a little. ‘’We definitely missed you too, I missed you’’ – I felt how my body froze inside in react of his response, ‘’Aww, that’s sweet, I missed you too Zayn’’- I tried to be nice and polite, we were still by ourselves and I felt how suddenly his hand was softly on top of mine, it gave me shivers feeling his hot skin touching mine, I felt the need to take my hand out of there so I quickly took it off, ‘’Are you okay?’’ – he asked me concerned, ‘’Yeaah, yeah, I’m great, why wouldn’t I be?’’ – I replied nervously, why in the name of the lord would I react that way, I mean I just felt his hand..


all I know is the moment was awkwardly enough for me to get up and go where the rest of the boys were.


‘’There you are silly’’-Niall said to me, ‘’Where were you, we ordered sushi, hope you’re in the mood’’, ‘’I was just..sushi? yeah great’’- I responded weirdly.


Zayn came to the room with the rest of us looking ‘’down’’, ‘’you okay mate?’’ – Louis asked him ‘’Yeah.. I guess’’.


‘’I’m starving, what did you guys ordered?’’- Harry said while hugging me from behind, I turned around slowly to face him, and kissed him intensely. Zayn rolled his eyes at it, like he was bothered by it.i ignored the fact that he seemed to be upset after Harry came to me and hugged me. I couldn’t understand him.


The dinner was amazing, we spent a great time together, we sang and they were all talking about new tours, interviews and photo-shoots, I was sitting there just enjoying and supporting, I was giving them some ideas for their new Album cover, since I love photography I just felt I could tell something about it ha’.


‘’Well guys it’s been a pleasure but, I really need to get some sleep’’ – Niall said whilst standing up. –‘’Of course you’re sleepy now, you ate like 30 rolls of sushi’’ – Louis added, ‘’It’s kinda late anyway, I think we should be going’’ – Liam said, ‘’Yeah, come on guys, I’ll drive’’- Zayn said taking Liam’s car keys from the coffee table.


‘’Thank you guys for coming!!!’’ – I told them ‘’See you tomorrow guys’’ – Harry shouted.  Harry went to his bedroom to organized some stuff up, I went downstairs with the rest to the boys so I could go to the car and take my purse which I forgot there.


Niall went inside the car, so Louis. Zayn took my purse and gave Liam the keys of the car and approached to me, handed me the purse and whispered in my ear ‘’Goodnight beautiful, can’t wait to see you again’’, I could feel a rush of adrenaline flowing through my veins with every word he said, he was so close I could still smell his amazing scent, I could stare at his eyes, and see their color clearly. He got me frozen so I didn’t even answer he winked at me and ran to the car, I just stood there for a second and went back to the apartment.

I found harry unboxing some of my stuff to get them in place, ‘’Babe where do you want these stuff to be in?’’ – he asked –‘’Don’t worry about it sweetheart I’m sure we can figure it out tomorrow, I’m very tired’’- I replied. –‘’ kay, sure, no problem dear.’’.


I went to the bathroom, stared myself in the mirror and asked myself ‘’What the hell is going on?’’ there must be something going on, why I felt that way when he got close to me, why would I feel nervous!! Nervous? I never get nervous at anything, why would I froze like that when he simply whispered in my ear? Gosh, I shook my head, I open the faucet put my hands together feeling the cold water, I accumulated a decent amount of it in my hands and spread it slowly in my face, took a hand towel and dry my face gently with it. I could hear Harry singing from where I was..  * When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight, It just won’t feel right, ‘Cause I can love you more than this, yeah*, I smiled and kept quite just listening carefully to the way he was singing.


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