An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


16. What are we going to do?


Harry’s P.O.V:


She made every particle of my body froze each time she whispered to me, or touched me, saying that I made her the happiest girl alive just by existing, really overwhelmed me. I never thought I’d have a relationship with someone as intense, and deep as the one I have with Mandy, and of course I never thought I would fell in love with my best friend, after all I think that’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having her.


I kissed her nose when she said that to me, and told her that she meant the world to my life. She giggled and slowly fell asleep, I felt her breathing I could even feel her heart beat, I simply smiled staring at her and fell asleep as well.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


**Hello Ladybug, how’s everything? I’m so sorry I haven’t called you, I’ve been busier than I thought I’d be, my boss keeps assigning me more and more projects to do this month, so I'll unfortunately be out of town for more days, tell me what have you been doing? Love you tons xxx  Nina**


I woke up by the sound of a text in my phone, it was aunt Nina, I was sad for her, she really wanted us to have a great time in these 2 months, and now she was working more than ever.  I was about to reply the text when I felt something moving in my left side of the bed, when I turned around I smiled and remembered that my cookie monster spent the whole night sleeping right next to me.

His eyes were still closed his naked toned chest was out of the sheets and his curls were a mess as usual in the mornings, I laughed and woke him up kissing him.


‘’WAKE UPPP sleeping beauty’’ – I yelled while giving him little kisses all over his face. He yawned and grabbed me abruptly, placing me over him, he hugged me very tight making me feel his morning heat and his natural scent and yelled in my ear ‘’IT’S TIME TO GET UPPP!!!’’ – he burst off laughing and ran away from my room to the bathroom. ‘‘This guy is literally out of his mind’’ I said to myself while chuckling.


I made some breakfast for the two of us. Sent some mails and pictures to my parents and we sat down in the living room when he said ‘’Soo.. what are we going to do today baby?’’  - ‘‘That’s an amazing question.’’ I replied.

‘’Umm… OH I have an amazing idea M’’ – he said looking excited, ‘’what is it sweetie?’’ – I mumbled

‘’there’s an amusement park not that far from here, it’s staying here just for a couple of weeks, would you like to go?’’ – he asked me but he was actually begging me.

‘’haha, sounds fun baby, would you like to invite the boys?’’ – I suggested him, ‘’That’s GREAT, I’ll call Lou right now’’ – he answered me.


I went to my room, opened the closet just doing my everyday ritual with ‘’what am I going to wear’’ it was pretty cold so I wasn’t able to wear shorts, I took some black leggings my winter boots, an animal print shirt with a white jacket over it, I sat in my makeup table, I wanted it to be natural so I didn’t wear like huge eyelashes or 3 coats of mascara I only put on my foundation, blush, a little bit of black eyeliner and my watermelon chapstick.


I went out to meet harry in the living room, he was already waiting for me in the white leather couch. He smiled when he saw me. ‘’You just don’t get tired of being beautiful, do you?’’ – he said sounding flirtatious

‘’haha, I love youuu’’ – I said and kissed him.


 We were already on our way to the amusement park, we were singing, laughing and making jokes to each other, simply being happy, the day was beautiful, he looked perfect, I was feeling GREAT, I was on bliss.





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