An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


59. Wedding Planner



Mandy’s P.O.V:


I kept on hiding how sick I felt, from Harry and Aunt Nina. Sammy and Elena left London two days ago, we had a very nice dinner the day before they left. The rest of the boys have been really into their music stuff, while Harry and me were talking seriously about the wedding. I wanted it to be something simple yet beautiful, a lot of white and a lot of lights, something where you could be in touch with nature, and I’d love to have the ceremony at night, here in London. I’ve shared my thoughts about all that to harry already, but he made it clear before, he’s really into whatever I’d rather do. My family would travel to spend those days with me of course.


I went to a florist with aunt Nina to pick which kind of flowers I wanted the whole wedding to be decorated of, I decided white roses and white carnations, classy and glamorous. I contacted a very well known wedding planner called ‘’Cece’’, I called cece and basically explained to her everything I wanted, ‘’Your wish is my command sweetie, you’ll have a night you’ll never forget’’ – she said firmly, the way she talked made me feel, the wedding was in good hands, but I still had a lot of things to set off, I had to remember that I was marrying a super star and we had to avoid media, and paparazzi at all costs, to keep it private and cozy.


I didn’t want to be the frenetic bride at all, so I was trying my best to keep things as quite and calm as I could, Harry basically left all the wedding on me so I knew if something went wrong I was the one to blame, actually Cece was.


I went home, (Harry’s apartment) he wasn’t there, I found a post-it stuck on the fridge, ‘’Baby, I went to visit mom, I’ll be back in 2hrs, ILY<3’’ – even though we were in technology world, he was that kind of guy, attentive and thoughtful, sometimes he just wrote me something to let me know he cared. I took the piece of paper off the fridge and smiled.


I was getting inside our room when I suddenly started to feel sick again, I had a terrible backache and I was getting those disgusting nauseas anew, I was getting worried, why was that happening to me?, I was confused I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I went immediately to the bathroom and ended up on my knees throwing up. Once I was done giving the toilet something to eat, I stood up and clean myself up, I poured some cold water in my face so I could revive, and recover the natural color of my face, I was pale, yellow pale.


I got inside the shower and opened the hot faucet; I was able to feel how my body was slowly recovering. I was scared, I was afraid something serious was going on with me. After some 15 minutes under the water, I pull out my arm to grab a towel; I wrapped it around my body and went to my laptop.


I went directly to ‘’google’’ and typed ‘’pregnancy symptoms’’, I know it sound crazy, but there was a huge possibility of me being pregnant, I pressed ‘’ENTER’’ and a whole ton of links pop out, I was scared to even read them or open them. I shook myself off and opened one of them *missed period, headaches, tender breasts, nausea and lower backaches.*  It said almost everything I had, ‘’Oh no, oh no, oh no’’  was all I could say, ‘’what am I suppose to say to Harry?, are we ready for a child? I think he would be happy to know he will be a dad.’’ I said to myself. I was going insane all alone in there but I had to make sure I was pregnant first.


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