An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


35. We have to tell you something


He was in the couch submerged in the TV, I stood in the corner without him noticing me, I was simply staring at him, observing his every move, contemplating him, I couldn’t help blushing while watching carefully the way he fixed his hair, the way he got mad at the remote control because it was hard to push the bottoms for the channels to change, the way he cleared his voice and simply the fact that, the boy that was sitting right there was all mine.


I got tired of my 5 minutes of stalker-silence so I joined him.

‘’Oh Hey beautiful, where were you?’’-He asked whilst stroking my back gently. ‘’I was emailing aunt Nina’’- ‘You told her we’re planning on going soon?’’ – ‘’Yup, I did, I can’t wait to see her, and enjoy London’s atmosphere’’- ‘’I can’t wait to take you there’’- he replied after giving me a little kiss in the lips.


My phone started ringing it was Sammy, ‘’Oh God, I’ve been such a bad friend’’ – I said out loud before picking the phone up.



‘’Gosh Mandy, what have we done to you??’’-  she asked

‘’I know, I know, I’m so so sorry, I’ve been really shocked by all the things that happened from the accident.’’

‘’We need to get along, like NOW, it’s a MUST, Elena and I are on our way to you house, so you have time to clean haha’’ – she replied as goofy as always.

‘’Very funny, ‘kay Girl, see you in a bit’’ – I told her while ending the call.

‘’Was that your friend?’’- Harry asked

‘’Yeah one of them, she’s just ‘’worried’’ I guess, they’re coming over, we’ll have a good time, don’t worry’’ – I answered

‘’I’m sure about that love’.  I changed the micro shorts I had on, and decided to wear a cute floral romper.


I heard the ring bell from my room, ‘’Babee, can you open the door for me please?’’- I shouted

‘’Coming!!!’’- he shouted back so Sammy and Elena could hear him.

I could hear Elena and Sammy gasp from where I stood, haha they’re not used to this all Harry Styles thing.


‘’Oh heey girls!!’’ – I said while walking in their direction, they were sitting in the living room, staring at Harry, waiting for me.

‘’Heey M!!!’’- ‘’Heey how you doing silly??!!’’  they both asked.


‘’I’m doing great, Mr. Styles is taking good care of me’’ – I replied glancing at him, he blushed and gave them a cute smile.

‘’oh I’m sure about that’’ – Elena responded.

‘’We think you guys have to finally explain us, HOW YOU KNOW EACH OTHER!!’’- Sammy said making a huge emphasis on ‘’know each other’’.  Harry laughed hard and said ‘’it’s a very long long story’’, ‘’Yeah pretty long’’ – I answered agreeing with him.

‘’And what? Do you think we don’t have time to stay and listen?- Elena added, ‘’Alright then, we have to tell you guys something anyway, so..’’ – I told Sammy and Elena.

I Started telling them how everything happened from the day I talked to him the way I did through skype the first time, all our experience in London, our relationship, the Mike Stuff, to now.

‘’Wow I’m speechless’’ – Sammy said with a surprise look in her face

‘’So basically the accident brought you back together?’’ – Elena added

‘’I definitely think so yeah.’’ Harry replied to her

‘’I was going crazy without her in London, I felt miserable, there was a huge empty spot in my life that couldn’t be filled with anything else but her love, it was a miracle literally a miracle coming to America having this normal routine tour, and then finding myself in an accident scene facing the fact that the injured girl was Mandy’’

We (Sammy, Elena and Me) had this ‘’Awww’’ look printed on our faces, I didn’t know he felt the whole situation that way, it filled me up with joy the fact that he even shared that with them, it was a big deal for me to be sitting with the love of my life and my two amazing best friends, plus it was the first time we had a moment like that, I’ve had the chance to meet Harry’s friends of course (Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn) and I completely love them all, but he never had the chance to spend sometime with the other side of the coin, my friends, my space, my stuff. I took his hand and stroke the top of it.

‘’Oh my God you guys are so cute together’’- Sammy broke the romantic silence

‘’But what’s going to happen now? Are you staying here in L.A?’’ – Elena asked Harry.

‘’Umm that’s what we want to talk about to you..’’ – I answered instead of him. They both looked at me waiting for me to speak out.

‘’I’m moving to London very soon’’

‘’What?’’ –‘’Seriously?’’ – they replied.

‘’Yeah, I’m going to live with aunt Nina for a while, it will be the best for Harry and I, it will be a great opportunity for us to grow strong together’’ – Harry just kept kissing my cheeks softly during all my speech. ‘’Then how soon are you guys leaving?’’ – Sammy asked me.

‘’ A week and a half’’ – I said whole frowning a bit, I knew they thought it was sooner that the world ‘’soon’’ itself, but that was exactly what I wanted to do. ‘’Wow that’s…that’s pretty soon M.’’ – Elena mumbled. ‘’Sean it’s going to die’’ – Sammy said, Elena immediately stared at her and shut her mouth. ‘’Who’s Sean?’’ – Harry asked. Oh boy here we go.. ‘’He’s a friend of us, I think you met him last Christmas in London, Remember?’’ – I told him, ‘’The guy that was stalking on you and giving me dead-threats with the eyes?’’ –  ‘’Well  sounds bad if you put it that way, but yeah, he is Sean.’’ – I answered.



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