An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


11. Water Effect


When we were in the from door of aunt nina’s apartment I asked him to go inside, he was surprised, I know, it was maybe too much, aunt nina has always been pretty sophisticated.


‘’Do you want some water? Juice? A soda?’’ – I was being polite I guess.

‘’No little M, I’m fine thanks’’ – he smiled at me.

‘’You know what we can do? Let’s go to the pool!!’’ – I said pretty excited actually.

‘’Pool? Here?’’ – he asked

‘’Yeaah silly, upstairs, Come!!’’ – I took his hand and made him follow me.

‘’ I don’t have a bathing suit’’ – he said shaking his head.

‘’Don’t worry I’ll get some shorts or something’’ – I told him with a big smile in my face.


‘’I’ll be right back, I’ll change’’.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I sat in the edge of the pool just staring at the warm water, the temperature was perfect, the night started just perfectly, I got tired of waiting for the bathing suit so I just took off my skinny jeans and went into the pool with my Hollister boxers.


I was playing around by myself when all of a sudden I saw her, she was wearing a white strapless bikini, I was mesmerized her figure was PERFECT. Toned abs, her legs, oh my god, her butt, it had a magnificent shape, she wore her hair in a cute messy bun, put her ipod in some speakers and went into the water with me.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


When I was done changing my clothes and getting to my favorite bikini, I went to harry so I could give him some shorts I found, but to my surprise he was already in the water.


‘’Guess you couldn’t resist, could you?’’ – I winked at him.

The water was warm perfect for me. I went in, and hug him from the back, he turned me around and I ended up facing him, way to close, his eyes met mine, our hearts were beating as faster as they could, he stroke my cheeks with his wet fingers and placed his lips in mine. He kissed me, I couldn’t believe he kissed me, I’ve never felt something like that in my life before, I didn’t understand why, it was just a kiss. I put my arms around his neck letting him know I approved the kiss. His hands were immediately to my naked thighs, I could feel his breathing getting heavy ‘’it’s incredible how much I desire you right now Amanda’’ – he told me with the sexiest voice

 I actually didn’t understand what was going on, i only knew that it felt great, that I was enjoying it, and I felt I was where I belonged.  ‘’Let’s go to my room’’ – I took him out of the water.


He carried me to my room, he throw me in the bed leaving in it all wet but who cares? He put his body upon me, kissing my neck, touching my stomach with the tips of his fingers, grabbing my butt very tight and looking straight to my eyes.

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