An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


23. The Surprise


Harry’s P.O.V:


We stayed upstairs for decent amount of time, just watching the city from the high, hugging and kissing each other in silence living and enjoying the moment. I couldn’t believe we thought in the same thing I will never take this off.

I was surprised I got to love her the way I did, she was all to me, my everything, my days my nights, she had that power over me since the day we met.


It was getting pretty late and she was almost falling asleep in my arms. I carried her as I used to and went to her room, passing by through the people in the house this guy in specific was giving me this dirty looks I was like ‘’what the hell?’’ he seemed upset when he saw me having Mandy sleep in my arms.


I placed her nicely in her bed, took her pumps off, she moved a little and said ‘’Thank you baby’’ – ‘’ anytime love’’- I whispered ‘’go back to sleep, see you tomorrow to meet your parents’’ I said whilst kissing her goodnight.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


I woke up; I was hearing aunt Nina arguing with someone.

I went to the bathroom and put some clothes on, I stared at my chain through the mirror it made me smile, I still had the waves from the day before so I looked okay.


I went out to the living room figuring out that my parents were there.  ‘’Heeeeeey, I didn’t know you were coming so early’’ – I said whilst giving them a hug, my dad was pretty excited to see me, but my mom for some reason was arguing with aunt nina. Aunt nina gave me a very awkward look, she was very upset.


‘’Heey honey’’ – my mom said to me.

‘‘Your surprise is upstairs’’ – she winked at me.

‘‘My what?  Well okay’’ – I said whilst going to the stairs.


When I finally got there, I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing. I was immediately frozen. He came up to me and hugged me tight I pulled him off. Why my mom would do this to me? Suddenly my vacations were ruined, Mike was standing right in front of me.


‘’Wow you are more beautiful than ever, I’ve missed you so much’’ – he said.

I was shut the whole time giving him a very straight cut look.

He was desperate, and talking too much, then I felt how he quickly moved himself over me and kissed me, he was holding me tight, I was trying to pull him off but he grabbed me tighter when he felt my rejection.


When he finally let go of me I turned around to see My aunt nina and harry staring at me, I saw how the face of aunt nina dropped in sadness and Harry’s eyes were on fire but watery. I felt like the most horrible person on earth ‘’HARRY WAITT!!!’’ – I yelled running after him. Tears were falling from my eyes as I saw him going away.


I fell in the living floor crying my heart out.  ‘’WHY, TELL ME WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?’’ – I yelled to my mom, ‘’WAS THIS YOUR AMAZING WAY TO SURPRISE ME?’’, ‘’How could you!!!!!! I told you in the mail you had a new son in law, WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE!!!!’’ – kept yelling and crying.

I was devastated i felt how aunt Nina’s hands were in m shoulder helping me to get up off the floor. ‘’Come on Honey, let’s go to your room’’ – she whispered.


I got up with her help, rolling my eyes to my mom I was sobbing. My dad stared angrily to my mom and I heard when he told her ‘’What were you thinking??’’.


I went to my room took my phone and started calling Harry, I needed to explain him what happened. I know he thought a completely different thing from what reality was.


**Please, don’t do this to me, let me tell you what happened, don’t treat me like this. Please pick up the phone, or call me, I need YOU. Mandy**


I texted him a lot, I called him like a hundred times, he never replied or answered my calls. Sadness, anger, impotence ruled my body I only wanted to be alone in my room crying myself out.


All of a sudden someone get in my room, and sat in my bed when I turned around I just yelled. ‘’WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?, why? tell me why you want to ruin my life, why can’t you just let me be HAPPY for once?, I wasn’t happy with you!!! Now you just can’t see me happy with anyone else on earth.’’   ‘’Mandy i…’’ – Mike tried to talk but I interrupted him ‘’I don’t want to hear you please get out of my room, get out of my life and simply FUCK OFF!!!!’’ – I yelled harder.  He stood up and left.


I grabbed my pillow and drown my face in it. I was screaming, I was crying, I was cursing.

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