An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


55. The Set Up


Mandy’s P.O.V:


The concert ended, I had a huge knot in my throat and stomach, the girls couldn’t stop talking about how great the concert was, how gorgeous Liam and Niall were, ‘’You saw how he smiled at that girl, oh my god I would have fainted!!’’ – Sammy and Elena were just a little star struck.


The same taxi man was waiting for us outside the stadium, that was getting weirder and weirder plus he didn’t even look french, we got in the car, and went to the hotel, they asked me to dress ‘‘beautifully’’ for the night, apparently we were having some kind of fancy dinner, they got ready pretty fast, they looked great, so I basically did the same, I was wearing a short gold sequin skirt, a white light chiffon top and some nude heels, I worked on my makeup a little harder just because they asked me to, I had pink in my lips, bronze cheeks and wavy hair again.


We went to an amazing and beautiful restaurant, we sat on a large table, large cause we were only three, then all of a sudden Elena said she wanted to talk to me, Sammy stayed ordering her dinner while Elena took me to a roof top, seemed like the restaurant had another floor, it was beautiful, under the moon light, you could see all Paris from there, ‘’Kay so, what happen? What you wanna talk about?’’ – I asked her, a smile grew in her lips then she said, ‘’Turn around’’, I frowned for a second, and did what she told me, I turned around, my eyes were suddenly wide open, he was standing bling folded, beside a table for two, everything surrounded by candles, I faced back at Elena she was smiling, I smiled back at her and she whispered ‘’Good luck’’, they knew everything, Elena and Sammy knew everything all the time, that was all a set up. ‘’Hello?, is someone there?’’ – he said adorably, I walked slowly in his direction, nervous, cause I didn’t know what he would do, I said ‘’Shh’’ and he shut, I was standing right in front of him, I could even feel his breath, he was anxious, it was obvious he didn’t know either what was going on, ‘’This isn’t funny anymore guys’’ – he said, then I proceeded to take off the bandage he had covering his eyes, he blinked twice like accommodating his sight, then he looked at me on silence, ‘’Hi’’ – I murmured, ‘’Hi’’- he murmured back, ‘’Guess they fooled you too huh..’’ – he said, ‘’You mean Sammy and Elena? Yeah completely..’’ – I replied, ‘’Sammy and Elena what are they doing here?, I was talking about the boys!!’’ – ‘’Oh.. i.. I have no ide-‘’ – I shut my mouth as soon as I saw Zayn coming his way to us, ‘’Before you guys say anything, I want you to know this is my way of apologizing to both of you, formally, I had no reason to break you guys apart, I had no right to do what I did, I wasn’t able to deal with the guilt so, I contacted Nina, she gave me the numbers of Sammy and Elena, I bought them the tickets to London, the Hotel you guys are in, here in Paris, I sent Bobby one of our bodyguards to take you wherever you guys wanted or needed to go, I was the one who gave them the free VIP passes to the concert today, and I wanted to do this as well..’’ – I was completely impressed I was speechless, Zayn did all this, he paid everything for me to get with Harry again, I was definitely not expecting something like that from him, he still had a sad face, but you could tell he felt he was doing the right thing, he looked right into my eyes, he didn’t say a word, but I know he was apologizing, ‘’Thank you..’’ – I whispered whilst hugging Zayn, Harry did the same, seconds later Zayn turned around and left.


There we were, still standing in front of each other, staring at our faces, crazy for saying something, but he broke the ice, ‘’You.. you look beautiful tonight..’’ –  he just made me feel like home again, ‘’You look great as well’’ – I whispered back. ‘’Can I hug you?’’ – he asked me, making his usual puppy face, ‘’thought you’ll never ask’’ – I replied back and he hugged me, the most warm and fulfilling hug ever, feeling his body close to mine again felt like everything was where it was supposed to be.


We sat in the beautiful tiny table, we had some sips of French red wine, we laugh, and we talked, like nothing happened. 


‘’Wait, so you guys were in the concert today?’’ – ‘’Umhmm..’’ – I nodded taking a tiny sip of my wine, he blushed, I smiled, ‘’So.. you heard?’’ – ‘’Yes love, I did.’’ – I whispered close to his mouth to tease him, his cheeks kept getting more red, ‘’I meant every word I said, you know..’’ – ‘’I believed every word you said Harry’’ – ‘’Amanda, I love you, that won’t change..’’ – I was fighting hard not to cry, I couldn’t resist, I couldn’t believe that moment was actually happening, i was in Paris, in the most beautiful restaurant, having a fancy dinner under the moon light, with someone that I treasure, that I value, that I need, that I love, I had Harry sitting there, after all the drama and the bad days, there we were together.

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