An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


4. The Party


Mandy’s P.O.V:


It was incredibly amazing the way I felt just by sharing those minutes talking to him, he really listen to me and I feel like he cares. It’s ridiculous the geographic distance between us, it’s even 5 hours later where he is than home.


If I could only give him a huge, long hug. *sigh *



From: Harry

Heyya i wanted to let you know you are beautiful, so have a beautiful day. xx  Harry.


‘’aaawww’’ I found myself saying kinda loud.


I opened up my closet having no idea what to wear for that awkward dinner party at this mike’s friend house, it’s not like I don’t like his friends, it’s just that I don’t really know them that well, so going to places with them made me feel a little bit out of place, but anyway I’ve been trying to get along with mike so i won’t make a scene refusing to go, I guess I’ll just suck it up this time.


‘’Coral short skirt and white chiffon top’’ – I said to myself while taking it out of the closet and putting it in my bed. I’ll fake a smile all night and thank God for my iPhone ‘cause it will be my best friend all night.


*Buzzz Buzz Buzzz * it was my phone, Mike was calling. ‘’hello..?’’ I quickly said. ‘’Be ready by 8 I’ll be there on time’’ – he answered.


 ‘’Alright, see you then’’ – I was so NOT excited he felt it, I’m sure.


I put my hair in a cute messy bun, took my towel, and ran to take a shower.



‘’I’m here, come down’’ – Mike texted me, ughhh wish I could just stay in bed and watch some movies by myself.



‘’Hey!!’’ – I said while giving him a little kiss.

‘’You look beautiful honey’’ – he said staring at me.

I simply smiled back at him. He knew I wasn’t comfortable about the whole thing so he just ignore the fact completely.


After a couple of hours of saying ‘’hi’’ to the whole house and introducing myself to all this mass of people, getting something to drink and sit and have a full date with my PHONE, was when I realized I was seriously getting bored of my relationship with mike I didn’t know what was exactly happening between us I just didn’t feel the same way I did before, I wasn’t that excited about seeing him anymore, I was like used to him.


No one’s P.O.V:


Mandy was pretty down the whole time, even the people in the party could tell, she was faking at smile all night and seemed to be more worried of her phone than getting along with mike’s friends and enjoy the moment. Mike glanced at her a couple of times and even tried to ask her for a dance but she was submerged in her own little bubble and said  ‘’no thanks’’ to him. It was so evident that something else was on her mind, something was being disturbing her, that’s what mike thought.



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