An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


12. The Kiss




‘’Wait.. what are we doing?’’ – he stopped grabbing me and suddenly  his face turned worried.

 I couldn’t say a thing ‘cause I didn’t even know what were we doing either.

‘’You’re my best friend M, and I don’t want you to think I’m playing with our friendship, plus mike..’’ – I stopped him ‘’Mike?, mike what?’’ – I mumbled, ‘’I don’t want you to be cheat….’’ – I stopped him again by placing my finger in his lips making him shut. ‘’Harry, I broke up with mike, that’s why I’m in London’’- I answered smiling, how did I forget to tell him about all that happened ‘’You.. What? You did what?’’ – he seemed surprise but still confused. ‘’Yeah I guess I forgot to tell you that little detail, i'm sorry’’ – I said while frowning. ‘’I don’t think that’s a little detail Mandy’’ – he sounded mad, but I don’t know why I just told him that I forgot to tell him it wasn’t like I was hiding that from him.


‘’I better go now, M’’ – he said while taking his clothes and walking out of my room door.

‘’Wait!!.. What’s wrong? Why do you have to treat me like I messed up at something?’’ – I asked him expecting an explanation from him which I didn’t get.

‘’I’m.. sorry.. I’ll talk to you later’’ – that’s all he said to me and left.

‘’What the hell is wrong with him’’- I kept repeating out loud. I was kind of hurt by the fact that he just went away without telling me what I did wrong.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I couldn’t believe I was kissing her neck, and grabbing her body the way I was, it turned me on so much, then I just stopped I felt like doing that would ruin everything between Mandy and me, I didn’t want her to think that I was taking advantage of her, I didn’t want to have that relationship with her, non friends with benefits not even a one night stand, I really care about her, she’s important to me, and I don’t even know if she kept doing it just because she let herself go with the flow or because she wanted it to happen as much I did.


‘’Hey Hazza, what’s the matter?’’ – Louis asked me looking worried.

‘’i.. think I messed everything up with Mandy, I can’t stop thinking about what just happened and the way she talked to me before I left’’ – I told him.

‘’What did you do??’’ – he mumbled

I shook my head and told him I kissed her, he just laughed and said ‘’is that the problem?’’ I didn’t want to tell him detail by detail, ‘’well not only that but..’’.

‘’You guys are very close, I don’t think your friendship will be ruined because a kiss’’ – he said while drinking from a can of coke.

‘’I don’t know..’’


Mandy’s P.O.V:


I was pretty frustrated about what just happened, I went to the bathroom looked myself in the mirror, took off my bathing suit and had a warm needed shower, I spent like 30 minutes in there trying to avoid the thoughts of harry leaving ridiculously the apartment, he just literally freaked out it’s not like he saw me naked or something, I understand he was a little surprised that it even happened but.. oh god I don’t know.


I had 4-missed calls from Aunt Nina, I called her back.

‘’Hey there aunt nina, I’m sorry I didn’t pick up the phone earlier, I was taking a shower’’

‘’Don’t worry ladybug, I was just checking up on you, it’s everything alright in there? No parties?’’ – she giggled

‘’haha, well, not yet I believe.’’ – I told her sounding goofy

‘’In that case please don’t sit anyone in my new white leather couch’’ – she said firmly

‘’hahaha, aunt nina, don’t worry I won’t make a party’’

‘’Gosh you’re so boring!!’’ – she laughed and said goodnight


I was hungry so I ordered some sushi, saw half of a movie and went to sleep.



‘’Oh my God what is that sound!!!!’’ – I woke up screaming at this freaking noise

I got out of my bed and went outside to see what was going on, it was the ring bell.

I opened the door to see Mr. Styles in some gray skinny jeans and a white V neck t-shirt he looked soo good,  he had flowers in his hands and a bag of food.  I smiled and didn’t say a thing, I wanted to let him say what he needed to say, he showed up here with a purpose.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I couldn’t sleep all night just thinking about her, and how guilty I was feeling by leaving the apartment like that. I had to do something so I woke up early bought her some colorful flowers and breakfast for the 2 of us.

I was so nervous when I knocked at her door, when she was in front of me with those hot short pajama pants and that micro top, with her long wavy hair down touching her shoulders, my brain paralyzed. She smiled at me knowing that I would say something.

‘’this is my way of saying I’m sorry’’ – I said to her.

‘’Apology accepted’’ – she smiled again.

‘’I’m really sorry little M, I didn’t mean to make you mad at me or something, i just got nervous last night’’ – I mumbled at the end.

‘’Nervous?, why would you be nervous sweetie?’’ – she melted me each time she talked to me that way.

‘’Mandy, listen i..i.. ‘’  - ‘’yess??’’ – she interrupted me.

‘’I’ve been feeling things, I wasn’t sure at first, I thought I was just amazed by your face, your eyes, your beauty, but I can’t stop thinking about you, I find myself staring at pictures of us every time, I’m sorry to tell you all this, maybe it’s rude of me saying things like this, but when I kissed you last night, you gave me something that I can’t even explain.. I really…’’ – she stopped me from talking with the most passionate kiss you could ever imagine, I was shocked, I closed my eyes and let her do whatever she wanted to do with me, her lips were soft, I could feel the rush between us. I was floating.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


He was literally saying he liked me, I was so happy to hear that, I wasn’t sure if my feelings for Harry were exactly love, like boyfriend love, but I definitely feel the same way as him, I think about him all the time, and even dream about him very often, and being right there in front of him, and listening carefully to all the things he said, I could feel his heart speaking from him, I couldn’t help myself I simply kissed him, and honestly for me that was the best answer I could give him.

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