An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


22. The Gift


I was walking around the house with my glass of wine, introducing myself to everyone being friendly and talkative which wasn’t my forte, but people there seemed really nice so it wasn’t that hard at all.


The smell of the dinner was filling the house, the dinnertime was already there, which meant that I was almost with the love of my life.


‘’Everybody come up here’’ – Aunt Nina yelled. Incredible how all of a sudden everyone shut and went directly to the dinner table.


‘‘It’s such a pleasure to me, having you all here tonight specially my niece Mandy which is here in London for the 1st time, I really appreciate your presence here guys, I wanted to spend Christmas with my loved ones and that’s exactly what I’m having so far. Thank you all so much for coming, Happy Christmas Eve and let’s dig in.’’ – she said out loud.


We all clapped at her I don’t know why, but it was a very special moment, I hugged her, everyone was taking a plate and serving each other’s up. The music was amazing, the whole atmosphere was great, the food we made was insanely good I was surprised. I was literally having the time of my life in London. I couldn’t believe I had been there for a month already, it happened so far. I was scared of the speed, the days were passing by, I didn’t want to leave.


40-45 minutes after we had dinner I felt how Sean was staring and glancing at me all the time, it was quite annoying ‘cause he was in front of me most of the time, he preferred staring at me than actually talking to me, so I basically ignored him and smiled at him sometimes whilst getting out of the room he was in.

He was approaching me just when I heard the ring bell, ‘’Thank you God’’ – I said to myself I didn’t want to have a conversation with him I already knew his intentions.  He stopped from walking towards me and saw me going straight to the front door.


‘’Babyyyyy!!!’’ –I said out loud. Harry hugged me tight

‘’Oh my God babe, you are gorgeous’’ – he told me whilst making me turn around.

‘’Aww thank you love, you look, as handsome as always.’’ – and kissed his nose.

We went to the living room, harry said hi to aunt nina and introduce himself to must of the people there. We sat in aunt nina’s famous white leather couch.

I saw Sean staring at us with an upset look. ‘’What’s wrong with this guy?’’ – was what I thought. I just pretended like he wasn’t there and felt warm by the company of harry.


‘’Thank you soo much for coming babe, I was needing to see you and having you here’’ – I whispered in his ear.

‘’You don’t need to thank me love, being with you, right here it’s all I wanted to do.’’ – he replied.


‘’Okay guys guess what time is it? PRESENTS, PRESENTS!!’’ – Aunt Nina yelled. Everyone was pretty excited ‘cause it was huge the mountain of gifts under the tree even Harry said ‘’Wow that’s quite a lot’’


Aunt Nina was saying names and giving them the presents after a warm Christmas hug, everybody seemed happy and satisfy. I took all my presents and put them in my room and took Harrys hand making him follow me upstairs where the pool was. It was an indoor pool so it wasn’t ice.


The environment was beautiful he looked amazing his lips, his hair, his black suit, his smile, his face, it was like I was falling in love over and over with him.


‘’I need to give you something’’ –We said at the same time, we laughed nervously it was so cute.


‘’You first’’ – he said.

I took my little box and said ‘’I know this is not something extraordinary but it represents who I am, and what I feel for you’’ I took the cap of the box off and held the silver chain with the half heart pendant and put it on him. He smiled awkwardly at me. He didn’t say a thing he just took out a little box, took the cap off and held the same chain I gave him but with the other half of the heart in it.

I was in shock I couldn’t believe it, we gave each other the same thing, it was like we’re definitely meant to be. My eyes got watery and I told him ‘’I love you with all my heart’’

He put his hands in my face, and putting his face each time closer to mine, he finally put his soft lips intensely in mine. I felt like it was the first time kissing someone. I felt butterflies, I was feeling the temperature rising inside of me, my heart was about to explode, my hormones were pretty high I just hold him very tight. It was a moment I would never forget, the magic I felt through his lips kissing mine was out of this world.


‘’I love you too’’ – he whispered after he was done kissing me.


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