An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


18. Texts and Emails


**I already see us moving mountains

I already see us walk in water

I already see the clouds we're flying

Over and under.. And I think that’s just the way it’s gonna be, Remember this? Love you. Mike**


‘’Oh God’’ – I said to myself staring at my phone, whilst getting off the rollercoaster, ‘’what’s wrong with this guy?, why does he keeps sending me stuff?’’ –i thought . Harry was pretty dizzy and shocked by the whole experience, I held his hand and we sat in some benches that were not that far from the ride, the others were still messing around and making fun of each others faces. I played with Harry’s curls for a second and kissed his forehead. Even though he was airsick he knew I wasn’t in my best mood.


‘’Babe, can you please tell me what’s wrong?’’ – he asked concerned.

‘’There’s nothing wrong sweetie’’ – and smiled back at him.

He was about to say something when Louis came to us and said ‘’Guys Eleanor and I are going to my apartment now, she’s not feeling right, so see you tomorrow?’’ – ‘’Sure Lou, we can definitely make something up for tomorrow morning’’ – I replied.

‘’Great then. Bye guys’’ – he waved at us.

‘’I think we should go too babe’’ – I whispered.

‘’Can I stay with you tonight again? Please? Please?’’ – he begged me with those beautiful puppy eyes.

‘’Sure love’’ – and kissed his lips softly.


We said bye to the other boys and Danielle and went to my aunt Nina’s apartment. Harry let himself fall in the huge white puff in the living room, I left my phone next to his in the kitchen counter and went to my laptop so I could write to my parents and aunt nina. I found a new mail from my mom it said: **Hello baby girl, hope you’re doing fine, and you’re finally smiling. We miss you so much. We’re counting the days to go there, only 1 week left. We have a huge surprise for you, you’ll be so happy you will be in shock. Christmas it’s almost there. Huge kiss baby girl. Mom**



**Hey there mom, another surprise? Wow can’t wait then. I’ve been pretty busy lately, and a lot has happened in such a short time, but I’m enjoying myself so much in here. It’s sad that I haven’t had the time to spend with aunt nina since she got to go like the 2nd day of my arrival in London, you know, work and stuff but her apartment is mind blowing, it’s beautiful, has an amazing view. I know it’s not the 1st time I tell you this but I can’t believe I’m having such a great time. Thank you guys so much for giving me these amazing vacations. Ohh also, Remember Harry? Well he is your new son in law, haha I know I can’t believe it either; I’m so happy mom, truly happy. I miss you and dad. Can’t wait for you guys to come. Love you.



‘’Mandy, can you tell me what the hell is this?’’ – Harry said coldly with my phone in his hands. I knew already what he meant but  I still asked him: ‘’What are you talking about?’’

‘’Why didn’t you tell me, Mike has been sending you texts?, This is why you were pretty awkward the whole day, isn’t it?’’ – he said showing the messages in the bright screen. ‘’Why you had my phone? Were you checking it out or something?’’ – I asked him. ‘’No, I didn’t’’  - ‘’So..??’’ – ‘’We have the same phone Mandy, same brand, same color, your phone buzzed and I picked it up thinking it was MINE, but it definitely wasn’t, I would never take your phone to inspect it or read and see your personal stuff’’ – he shook his head with disappointment.

‘’Well, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about that, I just thought it wasn’t important enough to let you know.’’  - I told him with my head down.

‘’I understand that M but I’m sure that if you find something like that in my phone and with ‘’something like that’’ I mean LOVE texts from my ex-girlfriend, you’d appreciate if I let you know what’s going on, wouldn’t you?’’ – he looked mad at me.

‘’Yeah babe, I’m sorry. I haven’t replied any of the texts he sent me, I promise’’ – I told him with a sad face.

‘’I trust you love, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t want you to hide things like that, from me.’’ He took my hands, look straight to my eyes and kissed me.


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