An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


43. Special Lunch


He was wearing some skinny grey jeans, a tight white short sleeve shirt, which looked great on him, his messy curls and some oxfords. He grabbed my hand and took me to the elevator and so on..


We parked at aunt Nina’s place I was so excited and emotional to see her, you can’t imagine how much I’ve missed her, she’s like my adult best friend, it’s incredible how she knows me so well. We got in her elevator, was a full mix of feelings getting back to that building where Harry and I met each other for the 1st time, it was awesome being able to live that sensation by his side, holding his hand.


I knocked the door twice, the typical ‘’I’m coming’’ yell coming from the inside of the apartment, her voice felt like home.


‘’Oh comeeeee on ladybug, hug me like there’s no tomorrow’’ – she shouted, I was about to get emotional just by seeing her, I ran to her arms and hugged her tight, I was so happy to see her, we were both pretty content about having each other back.


For my surprise we were not alone, sitting in the living room were Niall, Louis and Liam and just when I was about to say where’s the other one.. we heard the ring bell.


‘’Zayn’s here guys!!!’’ – Aunt nina yelled, I felt like if Giant drops of ice water were filling my stomach, oh god that feeling again.

‘’Great we’re all here now’’ – Harry said happily

I greeted everyone, yes, including Zayn which look so so GOOD, some music was going on, the boys were bubbly as always, the thing was getting a little less personal I believe, when I saw more people getting to aunt nina’s place, their manager, Harry’s sister, Eleanor and some others.


 I was in the kitchen helping out aunt Nina’s with some of the food, I was cleaning some dishes, glancing hard in Zayn’s direction, I was suddenly staring at him, everything felt like slow-motion, his smile, the way he wet his lips, his gestures, how he fixes his hair, everything every little move. I was done cleaning so I grabbed a towel and dried my hands with it when I heard a voice from behind telling me ‘‘so, you think I don’t know what you’re doing?’’ – I almost jumped, ‘’God aunt nina why you scare me like that’’ – I said surprised, ‘’Don’t fool me girl, I’m aware of the way you’re STARING at him..’’ – I couldn’t fight her I simple faced down, ‘’Oh no, not the down look, what’s going on here sweetie? Please don’t tell me…you…’’ – ‘’I don’t know aunt Nina, I don’t know what’s going on with me’’- I replied with the saddest look, putting away the hand kitchen towel, ‘’You feel like talking about this? You have to explain me what’s going on!!’’ – she said almost whispering; we were not that far from where they were, ‘’Guess it’s not the time or place to do so aunt nina’’- ‘’Here you are babe, come on’’ – harry interrupted our deep conversation by taking my hands making me follow him where the rest of the people were, everyone had a glass of white wine, including harry, which also handed me one. Everybody was sitting around us, paying attention to what harry was about to do.


 ‘’Well guys you may all be asking yourselves why I invited you here, and the answer it’s pretty simple, I wanted the closest people to me, and the people I love the most, in this moment, which I consider is very important and special, as you know Amanda and I have been together for a while, we’ve been through ups and downs, and a lot of situations, and all of that has really taught me something, that I don’t want to loose her, I don’t want to live my life without her…’’ – he was grabbing my right hand talking to the rest of the people looking at me, then at them again, my heart was beating faster, I was shocked by everything he was saying, when suddenly he was on his knees ‘’So I.. today, right now, want to ask you Amanda to marry me’’ – I was literally frozen, I was in shock I didn’t know what to do or say, I was completely ball of a mess, the boys were all shouting and saying nice stuff but Zayn, he was amazingly sad and he had that look in his face that for some reason, broke my heart., aunt Nina had her glass of white wine full and as soon harry was on his knees she drank the whole thing like a shot of tequila, she knew, she just knew…


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