An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


2. Processing




I could finally have a nice night with mike, he prepared a very good dinner. I could feel his effort now. We finally got the chance to enjoy each other and simply communicate without arguing.


I opened the front door, threw away the keys, took off my heels put the flowers in water and went directly to my room. Mom and dad were sleeping already so I was laying in bed extremely tired, it was kinda late at night, but I rememberd I had to check out some mails and my daily blog before going to sleep.


I took my laptop I opened it and I was getting some of my stuff done when all of a sudden this weird technological sound started on and on. I was so exhausted that I didn’t even recognize where it was coming from, it was like a ringtone, I checked all the icons in my dock when I finally realized it was a video call on skype.


‘’oh GOSH mike it’s going to kill me’’ –I said thinking it was him calling me to say goodnight.


I clicked it as fast as I could and opened the conversation. It was not Mike  ‘’Oh god, are you kidding me?’’- I said.

It was the super clown trying to make fun of me now. I accepted the call anyway.


‘’I can talk to you now’’ – with a beautiful british accent the boy said.

‘’oh.. I see’’ – I said sarcastically as usual.

‘’My webcam is having some troubles tonight I’m sorry if you can’t see me, but you can put yours if you want’’ – He said adorably

 How clever of him, that one was sooo old ‘’My webcam is having some troubles’’ yeaah right.  I turn on my webcam anyway while his was still loading.

‘’Wow is that you?’’ – I heard through my headphones, realizing my image was on,  I was already watching my reflection on the screen the camera took a very wide look I could see my short-tight- black dress,  my long wavy dark hair and my natural tan.

‘’of course it’s me’’ – I said while seeing his loading camera.

‘’You’re soo beauti… YAAAAY  my camera is working now, can you see me?’’ – He said happily

I look up and stopped playing with my hair, when I suddenly  felt my mouth wide open,  shocked wouldn’t be the word to describe what I felt, I was paralyze, I couldn't believe I was being such  a rude person to the freaking HARRY STYLES!!! I just couldn’t stop staring at his breath taking smile.


‘’ haha, you definitely was expecting someone else’’ – he said smiling.


‘’i.. no, I just.. um..hi harry’’ – I nervously said, are you kidding me? ‘’HI HARRY’’?


‘’Hi, mandy.. you are amazingly beautiful’’ – he seriously said.


‘’Thank you’’ – I blushed so hard.

‘’How do I have you in my skype, I mean.. why did you add me?’’ – I said very confussed.

‘’Well.. it definitely was a mistake I was trying to find my cousing  Maddy but for some great reason I ended up adding you’’ – he said still having that amazing smile printed in his face.


I felt how my sleep went away completely. I just wanted to stare at him till’ the sun came out.


‘’Guess you have a new friend now’’ – I answered him nicely.


‘’Maybe you’re right’’- I heard from him.


After a couple of hours of getting to know each other and smiling nervously, he said he wanted to talk with me again, I was completely fine with it of course, I still was very shocked of the fact that I had hypothetically  Harry styles in front of me.

‘’it’s too late here love, we have tons of things in the morning’’- He said while yawning

‘’yeah, it’s kinda late in here too’’ – I said yawning back.


‘’I’ll talk to you later mandy, have yourself a good night’’ –He told me while blowing a good night kiss.


‘’thank you harry, you too’’ – I said smiling while ending the video call.


I stared at my laptop screen trying to figure if  what just happened was real.  I closed the computer laid in my bed just watching to the ceiling. I sighed heavily and fell asleep with all my dinner outfit on.

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